Healthy Skin Begins with a Good Night's Sleep - Here’s How to Get It
If you’re using all the right nighttime skincare products but you’re just not getting the results you want, you could be missing out on one very important thing: SLEEP!
In Conversation with Kathryn Danzy, Founder of Rejuvenated Ltd
We’re talking to the experts to learn more about their health and wellness products that help people look their best from the inside out. These skincare leaders not only talk the talk, but they also walk it, too! Today, we’re...
How to Eliminate Teenage Acne with Vegan Skincare
Teen acne is just a fact of life, right? Wrong! Spots are common during those awkward teen years; however, it doesn’t mean you have to accept them. Unfortunately, so many people apply acne treatments that not only worsen their condition...
Summer Skincare: Which Peels and Treatments Can You Get in the Summer
Your bags are packed for your holiday with your cutest new outfits and favourite summer skincare products. You’ve been religiously applying products intended to help you nourish and hydrate your skin. But one thing you may be wondering is…
Glowing Skin: 3 Things You Must Do For Your Skin Before Your Next Flight
Summer holidays are here! Time to show of your glowing skin. However, if your plans include flying to your destination, you may worry about the drying effects of all that recirculated cabin air.
Skincare FAQ – Your Top Questions Answered!
With all the products on the market, it’s tough to figure out what would help you achieve your skincare goals. And, with news of studies making us question what we put on our skin, it makes things even more confusing.
Our Favourite Vegan Skincare Products!
Veganism is more than a way of eating; it’s a way of life. It includes everything that you put in as well as on your body, and this includes vegan skincare. Vegan skincare products don't use any animal-derived ingredients. Additionally,...
In Conversation with Roel Holtland of The Ohm Collection
We’re talking to skincare leaders who not only talk the talk of health and wellness, but they also walk it, too! Today, we’re chatting with Roel Holtland, co-founder of The Ohm Collection, a line of natural deodorant and sunscreen. The...
Cheers to 20 years! Celebrating Two Decades with Cosmedix
This year Cosmedix celebrates its 20 year anniversary. Two decades ago, Cosmedix revolutionized the skincare industry with its luxury line of products. Cosmedix products are formulated specifically to optimize the health of the skin using gentle, yet effective, plant-based ingredients....
Why Do We Hate Our Pores So Much (& What To Do About Them)?
Summer is the perfect time to pamper your skin. After all, the more time you spend in the warmth of the beautiful sunshine
Mature Skin: The Effects of Menopause on Your Complexion
Summer is the perfect time to pamper your skin. After all, the more time you spend in the warmth of the beautiful sunshine
Summer Treatment Menu: Skin Treatments to Renew Your Skin This Summer
Summer is the perfect time to pamper your skin. After all, the more time you spend in the warmth of the beautiful sunshine
Natural Sunscreen: Protect Your Skin from Sun and Harmful Chemicals Year Round
Summer is nearly here. While you know you need to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, you may be reluctant to slather harmful chemicals all over your face and body.
Why Choose Natural Deodorants?
If you’re like many people, you’re making an effort to clear the toxic products from your life, from the food you eat to the creams you apply to your skin. But, what about your deodorant? Natural deodorant is more than the latest trend; it’s an essential product for a non-toxic life.
New Skincare Tools & Product Roundup - What to Add to Your Routine
Want to show off your healthy glow all summer long? Complement your routine with the right skincare tools and products. At Medico Beauty, we offer a wide range of skincare tools and new products to add to your daily skin...
Sunscreen 101: Chemical vs. Mineral
One of the many reasons we need to wear sunscreen is to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Skin cancer rates are on the rise and sunscreen is proven to to decrease the risks but sunscreen also...
Get the Glow: Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham made headlines after a family trip to Australia late last year when she visited legendary Australian skincare expert, Melanie Grant. We were excited to discover she used CosMedix products during her visit. She even shared the products she...
Protect Your Skin: How Antioxidants & SPFs Prevent & Reduce Sun Damage
Want to clear your skin of impurities and reveal your healthy glow? Apply a face mask!
Aysha's Official Guide to Prepping Your Skin for Your Wedding
Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! At your wedding you’ll take center stage so you’ll want to ensure your skin is in top form. Whether your wedding day is next year or in a few months, the time to begin preparing...
Ask the Expert: How Can I Fix Skin Redness and Rosacea?
Redness and rosacea are among the most common skincare concerns I hear about from patients. Facial redness can leave people feeling insecure about their complexions. Although they may feel as if they’re the only people suffering from embarrassing facial redness,...
In Conversation with Advanced Skincare Expert, Diana Augustini
We’re talking to the experts to learn more about the advanced beauty products and techniques they use in their professional skincare practice. These skincare leaders not only talk the talk, but they also walk it, too! They help clients look...