Mature Skin: The Effects of Menopause on Your Complexion

Our skin changes as we age. Although we may not have to deal with spots anymore, mature skin has its own set of challenges, particularly after menopause.

Typically, women with mature skin are concerned with the signs of ageing - all the lines and wrinkles that appear over time. However, many skin issues arise due to the hormonal changes that occur after menopause, particularly the drop in the master hormone - called DHEA. In fact, by age 70, the amount of DHEA is 77% less than at age 20. The result is not only drier skin, but also the loss of skin thickness. This means visible lines and wrinkles.

Reduction of collagen production

The dramatic reduction in the production of collagen and elastin. Put simply, you’re just not producing the amount of collagen you did when you were 20. Collagen is the protein that makes up the skin’s structure and elasticity. However, after the age of 20, we begin to lose 1.5% of our collagen every year!

Increased inflammation

Skin ageing and inflammation are linked. Inflammation impacts the stratum corneum barrier, which helps your skin maintain healthy hydration. How? Inflammation messes up the metabolic balance of this barrier, which decreases cellular metabolic activity and collagen renewal. This shows up in your complexion as reduced skin elasticity and visible lines and wrinkles.

Slow down time

Although you may not be able to stop ageing (unless you have a painting in your attic somewhere, it is possible to slow it down to help you maintain proper DHEA production up to and after menopause. Of course, it helps to fuel your body with whole foods containing DHEA, including soya bean and wild yam. Also, be sure to embrace those healthy fats that contain Omega 3 & 9 fatty acids, including olive oil, flax seeds and fatty fish like salmon.


Phytoestrogens are a plant-based replacement for DHEA that can be used on the skin to balance hormones and healthy oil production. Many CosMedix products use wild yam, a root vegetable from Africa and red clover to boost the production of sebum and improve the skin’s overall hydration. Phytoharmony Balancing Moisturiser is an ultra-emollient cream formulated for the unique needs of menopausal and hormonal skin. It contains soy isoflavones and DHEA to hydrate and nourish dry, mature skin. In addition to stimulating the production of sebum, it also increases collagen and provides antioxidant protection. The result is plumper, more supple skin.

Firming peptides

Reverse damage and firm ageing, saggy skin with firming peptides. Peptides reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while boosting skin’s firmness. Although many people focus on their facial skin when applying anti-ageing products, they should also focus on the skin of their neck and chests. Illuminate & Lift Neck & Décolleté Treatment provides intense hydration to this sensitive and often neglected area. It reduces age spots and hyperpigmentation and provides intense hydration. In studies, participants revealed a decrease in wrinkle volume up to 100%, lifting by 77% and a decrease in maximum wrinkle depth up to 62%. The Age Defying Skin 4-Piece Essential Kit contains generous-sized samples of four products that nourish and hydrate mature skin. Products include:
  • Benefit Clean, a gentle cleanser that removes dirt and impurities from the pores.
  • Cell ID Serum, a serum rich in peptides and growth factors to nourish mature skin.
  • Serum 16, a retinol-rich cream that also contains Vitamin E.
  • Emulsion, a moisturiser that hydrates the skin deep down.

Professional-grade treatment for mature skin

For more dramatic results, CosMedix created the ELITE line, which are only available to professionals. Schedule an appointment with us or email us at and we’ll provide you with a remote consultation and send exact recommendations and instructions to help you use the ELITE line correctly. Some of our favorites for mature skin include…

Serum 24

  This is the best Vitamin A serum for mature skin. It’s formulated with LG Retinex, a Vitamin A derivative that is unique to the ELITE line.


This product contains a phytoestrogen that is derived from wild clover. It smoothes your complexion and helps to balance hormones.

Eye Doctor

Pamper the delicate skin around the eyes! This product contains firming Alpha Lipoic Acid as well as 1% Retinol AGP Complex to revitalise the under-eye area.  

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