Protect Your Skin: How Antioxidants & SPFs Prevent & Reduce Sun Damage

Want to clear your skin of impurities and reveal your healthy glow? Apply a face mask! The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause serious damage to the skin. This includes skin cancer and premature aging. It may also worsen some skin conditions, like rosacea.

For those of us who have experienced more than one painful sunburn in our lives–and, let’s face it, who hasn’t – we may be wondering if there’s anything we can do to reverse the existing damage and prevent future damage. Luckily, there is!

Skin care’s dynamic duo

Skin experts have long explored the connection between antioxidant and the reversal of skin damage. A few years ago, several studies confirmed that antioxidants, particularly vitamins C and E, play a role in repairing harmful damage from ultraviolet radiation. Further, antioxidants also help protect skin cells from the free radicals that damage your DNA and increase the risk of skin cancer. Antioxidants protect your skin cells and help reverse the damage. SPF help creates a barrier against UVB rays, the rays responsible for painful sunburns. After all, a sunburn is the first sign of sun damage. SPF delays sunburn while your skin is exposed to the sun. Many people argue the higher the SPF number, the better the protection. However, in reality, there’s not much difference between an SPF 30 and an SPF 100. antioxidants sun damage

Reverse sun damage

The most effective way to repair existing sun damage is to use products that are full of antioxidants and contain an SPF. These products may also prevent future skin damage. Use them consistently to maximise your results and create a healthy, youthful complexion.   Relief Soothing Peptide Gel is a serum specially formulated with hydrating ingredients to soothe sun-stressed or post-procedure skin. Powerful antioxidants protect the skin from free radical damage. It also contains sodium hyaluronate to lock in moisture and protect the skin from future damage. Relief is ideal for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin and those with skin conditions.  Hydrate+ SPF 17 Daily Moisturiser is another non-greasy and lightweight moisturiser that’s also perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It contains advanced ZinClear technology that protects the skin without creating an unsightly cast. The best part is it also contains powerful antioxidants that protect the skin and repair damage. Sunscreen is essential all summer long to protect skin from sun damage.  Plant-based Sun Safe SPF 15 Natural Sunscreen and Sun Safe SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen from the Ohm Collection offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and is free of chemical filters, including Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. It's formulated with nourishing jojoba, coconut, and olive oils as well as healing cocoa butter to leave your skin feeling hydrated all day. Apply every day - a little bit goes a long way - and protect your skin all season. And, if you're looking for a lightweight, plant-based deodorant that lasts, check out the powder and cream deodorants from the Ohm Collection. Each is formulated with healing ingredients to freshen and nourish healthy armpits.

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