In Conversation with Roel Holtland of The Ohm Collection

We’re talking to skincare leaders who not only talk the talk of health and wellness, but they also walk it, too! Today, we’re chatting with Roel Holtland, co-founder of The Ohm Collection, a line of natural deodorant and sunscreen.

The Ohm Collection is the Netherlands-based creation of four longtime friends, including co-founders Roel Holtland and Jonathan Berhani. With a focus on fair trade, plant-based ingredients, The Ohm Collection features natural deodorant and sunscreen products that are gentle on humans and the environment.   

1. How did you get started making natural deodorants and skincare? 

We all knew each other from school and childhood. Thomas and Michelle had the idea to create a product and use our different qualities to build a company. At the time, we didn’t have a product in mind. We just started sharing ideas at Michelle’s house for hours and hours and had the idea to create a natural deodorant. Although we saw a growing interest in deodorants with aluminium, there were very few organic or natural deodorant products on the market. We really wanted to add something different to the market that is safe for the lymph glands, wouldn’t block transpiration and just supports the body effectively. After that, we had the first store, Van der Pigge., one of the oldest drugstores in the Netherlands. That was the beginning of our adventure. 

2. What company achievement are you most proud of? 

Too many to count. Above all, the most exciting is working on something for a very long time and seeing a finished, working product in the end. 

3. Vegan skincare is growing in popularity. Often customers are unaware of what it means. Can you please explain the differences between regular deodorants and vegan formulations? 

Vegan means it is free of ingredients that come from animals. We prefer vegan; plant-based ingredients replace all of the animal-derived ones.  

4. What are the additional health benefits from switching to using a natural deodorant? 

Sweat is the body’s way of getting rid of heavy metals, synthetics, and toxins. Aluminium narrows the pores to prevent you from sweating, which is unhealthy. Therefore, switching to a natural deodorant reduces the risk of aluminium in your body. In addition, natural ingredients are safer and easier for the body to break down.

5. What is the difference between regular and vegan skincare formulations? 

Regular formulations contain lanolin and beeswax. Not only are many people are allergic to these ingredients, but they are often harvested in a way that is harmful to animals. In addition, plant-based ingredients contain beneficial vitamins and healthy acids.

6. How do you think vegan skincare will evolve over the next five years? 

Vegan skincare will become more popular. One of the many challenges we have as mankind is to share the planet equally with the animal kingdom. The population and demand for food and cosmetics are growing. We have to look for effective, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients.

7. What’s the best way to get started with using a natural deodorant?  

Just get started and feel the difference for yourself.

8. What is your favourite Ohm product right now? 

After years of developing the formula, we are very happy with our new sunscreen called Sun Safe. We have improved the formula and it is now one-of-a-kind. It is a huge opportunity to create a natural product that is human-friendly. The best part is that it is coral reef safe as well. It is free from synthetics, Oxybenzone, and nano-particles.

9. Tell us about any new and exciting projects you’re developing in 2019? 

We are busy with a recycling project to reuse the raw materials used for packaging & shipping. In addition, we are coming out with a new magnesium-based Deo Dorant crème in 1 or 2 months. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. All our products, including natural deodorant products, are hypoallergenic.

10. How do you like to recover after a stressful day? 

We live in Haarlem in the Netherlands. Although Haarlem is only 10 minutes with the train from Amsterdam, it is really peaceful. We live in a beautiful coastal area with a nature preserve, which I walk almost 3 times a week. Walking clears your mind and opens your senses. In addition, nature makes us wonder and also helps us to find the right path.

11. What is your favourite wellness ritual? 

A sauna, meditation, and warm bath always do good.  We’re excited to feature The Ohm Collection and its line of cream and powder deodorants and sunscreens, which are also available in tester and travel sizes. If you’re new to natural deodorants and sunscreens, these new trail sizes are the perfect way to get started! To learn more about The Ohm Collection, visit their website, follow The Ohm Collection on Instagram and Facebook, and read the latest news on the Blog.    

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