Enhance Your Laser Results

Congratulations on taking another step forward towards a more radiant complexion and scheduling a laser treatment. Your skin will definitely thank you for it! So what do you do now?

Do you keep up your skin regimen while you count down the days until your appointment? Although you’ll want to continue cleansing and hydrating your skin, there are preparation steps to take beforehand to improve your anticipated treatment outcome.

Before your laser treatment

Your esthetician will let you know what to avoid before your appointment. Laser skin treatments are a popular way to resurface the skin to reduce acne scars, wrinkles, and age spots. Here are some things to do before your appointment.

Stay out of the sun.

Stay out of the sun, if you can help it. Regardless, use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen. This prevents further skin damage and protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Use the right products

Cosmedix Treatment Prep 4-Piece Essential Kit contains products designed to pamper and prepare your skin to receive skincare treatments, including lasers. It includes:
    • Purity Clean is a gentle exfoliating cleanser that removes dirt, debris, and dead skin cells from your pores. Not only does this prevent breakouts - if you’re prone to them - it also improves your results.
    • Simply Brilliant is an antioxidant brightening serum that reduces the appearance of age spots and other discolouration. It evens your complexion with ten plant-based brightening ingredients formulated to improve your skin tone.
  • Define is a vitamin A resurfacing treatment that blends chirally-correct AHAs with 2% encapsulated Retinol AGP complex. It exfoliates and remodels the layers of the skin to boost the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Hydrate+ SPF17 is a lightweight moisturiser that contains sunscreen to protect the skin from damage.

After your appointment

Your skin needs extra care after your laser treatment as well. We recommend the Cosmedix Post-Treatment 4-Piece Essential Kit. This kit contains:
    • Benefit Clean is a gentle cleanser intended for all skin types, especially those with hypersensitive skin (like the skin after treatment). It’s free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, which tend to irritate the skin. Additionally, it’s formulated with antioxidants to protect the skin as it cleanses.
  • Cell ID Serum kickstarts the skin’s ability to repair. It’s formulated with amino acids, antioxidants, growth factors, and enzymes to improve the texture and tone of the skin.
  • CPR Serum calms, protects, and restores the skin post-treatment (hence its name). It contains a concentration of vitamins, antioxidants, and other plant-based ingredients to reduce irritation and help the skin recover. It also contains a green-hue to neutralise redness.
  • Hydrate+ SPF17 is a daily moisturiser to heal and hydrate the skin. It contains sunscreen and is a great final step in your skincare regimen.

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