Before & After: How to Treat Melasma and Reveal a Beautiful Complexion
Melasma is caused by many things, including pregnancy, sun damage, and hypothyroidism. Claire uses CosMedix products to create a more even, glowing complexion.
Before & After: How to Treat Dual Condition Skin - Melasma and Adult Acne
Most people don't suffer from one skin condition, they may have two or three. Sobia not only suffered from melasma, but also from adult acne. Here's what she did to heal her skin and reveal a healthier complexion.
Before & After: How to Heal Sun Damage and Melasma
Penelope healed the melasma associated with sun damage with CosMedix peels.
Before & After: Peels that Heal Hyperpigmentation and Even Out Skin Tone
Estie revitalised her skin and treated hyperpigmentation by using a trio of nourishing CosMedix peels.
Healing Rosacea - Lara's shares her journey
Lara was dealing with rosacea when she visited the Saks salon in Halifax to address her concerns. Her skin care professional used CosMedix products to nourish and heal her skin.
Skin Expert Andy Millward Discusses How He Treated & Healed His Acne Prone Skin
Skincare expert Andy Millward used his expertise to heal his own acne-prone skin. Here he shares his experience and the products he used.
How to Turn Back the Clock on Prematurely Ageing Skin
Many factors can age the skin, including diet and sun damage. However, it is possible to turn back the clock and achieve a smoother, more even complexion. Here's what Tina did to improve her skin.
How to Address Hyper-pigmentation and Ageing to Revitalize Your Complexion
Ageing left Wendy with a dull and uneven complexion. Her therapist Estie overhauled her skincare routine and treated her skin with several peels. The result? An even, smoother complexion.
Rosacea Treatment – Christine
Introducing Christine Berney, another happy client who has seen fantastic results for her rosacea with the CosMedix range of skin rejuvenation products this month. Christine visited Saks Beauty in Gosforth presenting with signs of rosacea – a common cosmetic problem...