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rosacea before and after Introducing Christine Berney, another happy client who has seen fantastic results for her rosacea with the CosMedix range of skin rejuvenation products this month. Christine visited Saks Beauty in Gosforth presenting with signs of rosacea – a common cosmetic problem which causes facial redness and swelling. Three times as common in women, especially between the ages of 30-50, rosacea can have a dramatic impact on an individual’s confidence, leaving them feeling shy and insecure about their face. Indeed, Christine noted in her feedback document that she often felt ‘ashamed’ of her face.

A background on rosacea

Rosacea is a poorly understood condition that affects the skin over the long-term. It can lay dormant for weeks or months, before returning as the result of a certain trigger. With no known cure, the emphasis is on managing and treating the condition to the highest extent. The main symptom of rosacea is red skin, but other symptoms can include stinging and burning sensations, spots and small blood vessels in the skin becoming more visible. The exact cause of rosacea is still a mystery, although experts believe there are a number of different factors which can trigger or exacerbate the condition, including exposure to sunlight, strenuous exercise, spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine. Rosacea is most commonly treated with a course of antibiotics, but these medications can cause unfortunate side effects, including photosensitivity and premature ageing. Antibiotics also affect the balance of healthy gut flora, which supports the body’s immune system – crucial in treating rosacea. Without the healthy bacteria in your gut, individuals can experience trouble with yeast infections and digestive troubles, as well as exacerbated rosacea symptoms. According to a recent news study, GPs write a staggering 35m prescriptions for antibiotics every year in England alone – and antibiotic resistance is a growing problem. Here at Medico Beauty, we’re trying to raise awareness amongst doctors that treatment solutions without antibiotics do exist – and they’re highly effective.

Christine’s rosacea treatment

Back to Christine’s case. Christine came to us with rosacea, which she said flared up from time to time. She had already tried various products, to no avail, and was looking for a more effective solution. After spotting an advertisement about the CosMedix skincare range of treatments and products, she decided to give it a try. Rosacea Christine’s beauty therapist, Michaela, regularly chooses CosMedix for her clients, and Christine’s case was no different. Michaela works for Saks Beauty in Gosforth, and was trained directly by the CosMedix team in how to handle skin conditions like Christine’s for the most effective results. Christine had very sensitive skin which could become inflamed very easily, and she was initially worried about changing her skincare routine in case it irritated her rosacea – but Michaela reassured Christine that CosMedix would absolutely not have this effect. Michaela decided to start with a Signature LUNA Fusion medi-facial treatment, which allowed the therapist to get a better idea of the condition that Christine’s skin was in. The treatment was gentle to Christine’s skin, removing impurities and cleaning deeply while using a silicone brush and sonic waves to gently massage the area. Two weeks after the medi-facial, Michaela gave Christine two Benefit Peels – an advanced corrective blend of remodeling ingredients which help to restore the skin’s barrier function. This helps to remove the highly reactive immune response which can cause redness in the skin, sealing the skin’s barrier and slowing down trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), which can make sensitive skin feel tight. An all-time favourite for many therapists, this rejuvenating treatment is free from acids and particularly beneficial for those who suffer from conditions like rosacea.

The CosMedix skincare plan

As well as these intensive treatments, Christine was presented with a selection of skincare products to use at home, with a tailored program free from ingredients known to cause skin irritation. This skincare pack included Benefit Clean – a personal favourite of Christine’s – which is used twice daily and helps to hydrate, purify and protect the skin. The cleanser contains zeolites, which trap and remove environmental pollutants, and also a multitude of natural detoxifiers like D-Glucuronic. Shea and L-Menthol act as soothing emollients for the skin, and Glucoside Surfactants offer a multitude of anti-inflammatory benefits. IMG_4168 Also in the pack was Hydrate+ SPF17, a unique sunblock formulation with beta glucan, which helps promote healing. Christine particularly loved Hydate+ she said it left her skin feeling softer and much more hydrated than usual. Hydrate+ contains Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide formulas, for a chemical-free lotion that is non-irritating. With a potent punch of antioxidants also packed into this powerful potion, it’s little wonder it had such a significant impact on Christine’s skin. The skincare plan also included some advice from Michaela to Christine – Michaela offered tips and advice on foods to avoid in order to reduce the risk of inflammation, and Christine says the advice has helped her change her diet and improve the condition of her skin dramatically. Happy with the final results – which we think are fantastic – Christine said she would recommend CosMedix to anyone struggling with similar skin problems. We’d also like to give a big congratulations to Michaela, Christine’s therapist, for providing such excellent advice and completing the treatments to the very highest standard. Fantastic work! If you are interested in having treatment with Saks Beauty in Gosforth, please visit their website for more information - HERE.

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