Before & After: How to Treat Dual Condition Skin - Melasma and Adult Acne

Sobia was becoming increasingly concerned about the dark patches of skin developing on both sides of her face. She felt they were becoming more and more pronounced so she decided to do some research on the problem. Like many of us would Sobia firstly consulted her GP but they were unable to help her. She then turned to the high street and tried some general branded products which unfortunately only offered empty promises. Luckily, she then came across CosMedix and skin clinician Cristina who was able to offer some helpful advice and support.

During the initial consultation, Cristina explained that Sobia’s skin problem was actually Melasma - a common complaint among women, which causes brown to greyish patches on the skin. Cristina put together a schedule of CosMedix products and treatments which would reduce the appearance of the dark patches on her skin and hopefully give Sobia back her confidence.

Sobia's Peel Series

Peel: CosMedix Timeless Peel

Sobia's Treatment Programme

Cleanser: Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser

Eye Cream: CosMedix Eye Genius Brilliant Eye Complex

Serum: Clarity Blemish Fighting Serum

Feedback - Sobia 

Sobia loved the end results and felt her confidence has been restored. She would recommend CosMedix treatments and products to all her friends and family. The proof of how good the results are, she says, are visible on her face. Not only has she continued with the new skincare routine but took to heart the extra advice Cristina gave -  to cut down on fatty foods and increase her water intake. Sobia’s favourite product was CosMedix Clarity Blemish Fighting Serum due to the amazing impact it had on the problem areas on her skin.  

Feedback - Cristina

Cristina has been working with CosMedix products for over three years and had confidence in their ingredients when advising Sobia. She immediately knew the problem areas were Melasma and has seen the fantastic results CosMedix has had with other women. Cristina strongly believes you are what you eat and advises her clients on ways sometimes even small changes to their diets can have a big impact on their skin. Cristina’s best piece of advice - SPF is not just for summer, so get your sunscreen ready, rain or shine.

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