Before & After: Peels that Heal Hyperpigmentation and Even Out Skin Tone

Estie is a skincare professional who operates SkinAngel, a skincare service. Both she and her husband suffered from hyperpigmentation and melasma. After meeting Aysha at a conference, she began using CosMedix products.

"When I was 15 years old I started to wear over the counter liquid foundation every single day. Even to school! It was my greatest fear to go out without foundation. I did not suffer from acne but my skin always felt very sensitive and dry.  I started to cleanse, tone, and moisturise at a very young age and used several over the counter products.

In my early 30's I started to notice that my skin is becoming very dry and also very uneven with lots of brown spots called hyperpigmentation.  I was on the pill for many years and also underwent treatment for fertility which played havoc with my hormones and skin. I had a large brown mark on my forehead, called melasma. Both my husband and I suffered badly from pigmentation, especially after we went on holidays where we spent a lot of time outdoors.  I bought so many expensive products and had many dermabrasion treatments and facials, but nothing seemed to really make a difference."

Estie's Peel Series

Peel: Blueberry Smoothie Treatment

Peel: Benefit Peel

Peel: Timeless Peel


"I started to use only these two product ranges, and have also had 3 skin treatments: Blueberry Smoothie, Benefit Peel, and Timeless Peel. My skin felt instantly rejuvenated, the treatments were very enjoyable and I had no downtime. After the Timeless Peel, on the 10th day I could see a change in my skin's colour, it changed from being very dull to luminous and bright."

"After only 4 months my skin felt and looked so good without any makeup that I decided to cut down on all my over the counter makeup too. Last week I threw all my old makeup away. Not only that... I have found that I don't even need to use blush that often since my skin really has a healthy glow without it.  For the FIRST time in 12 years I am going out with only a few licks of 100% mineral foundation.

"I can testify that it is truly possible for the skin to renew and heal. These products have enabled my skin to be healthy on its own and to be more light-reflective on ITS OWN. No need for makeup to get that healthy GLOW."

"My husband has also been following the same regime and both our pigmentation spots have disappeared and I no longer have the unsightly melasma patch on my forehead. It has changed my skin forever. I am now using less products than ever before. It is quality not quantity that makes Cosmedix & Results Rx products so unique.

Using less is more!

No more searching for a moisturiser that will make a difference. My skin is the difference now. I only need a few active ingredients and a healthy lifestyle to maintain my new skin."

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