Before & After: How to Heal Sun Damage and Melasma

Although Penelope used sunscreen to protect her skin, she began to notice signs of melasma.  She went to Saks Hair & Beauty in Gosforth for advice to get a clear, even complexion. CosMedix products allowed her to even out her complexion. 

"Despite wearing sunscreen, I returned from my honeymoon with severe Melasma. My aesthetician, Leanne, analysed my skin under a UV Woods Lamp and I was shocked to see it could get so much worse if I didn’t start treating it. I soon had my first CosMedix Med-Facial, which was the first facial I had that felt like it was truly addressing my underlying skin concerns and ‘doing something’.

Penelope's Peel Series

Peel: Benefit Peel

Peel: Deep Sea Peel


"The peels worked with my home skincare routine to help lighten my melasma and improve my overall skin brightness as well as smoothing fine lines. Melasma is a tough issue to fix which takes time and dedication to change, but with the help of the products and peels, two years later you can see the huge improvement in my skin tone! I am no longer self-conscious without my makeup and I have Leanne and CosMedix to thank for that!" 

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