Interview: Dr. Alison Warner treats Amber's Adult Acne with CosMedix

The Rosacea Research & Development Institute [RRDI] estimates that 45 million people worldwide suffer from rosacea.

A chronic and sometimes progressive disorder of the face, rosacea can affect men and women of all ages. It is characterised by a number of symptoms including extremely sensitive skin, red gritty eyes that can lead to visual disturbances, permanent redness, blushing and broken red capillary veins, to name a few.


As a previous sufferer, Dr. Warner underwent speciality treatment with a local aesthetician to help treat her skin woes, using IPL and CosMedix peels and was inspired by her experience to help others suffering from the same complaints. She knows first-hand that the right combination of products does not just rectify a patient’s skin condition but can also provide a serious boost of confidence.

Strongly against the practice of over prescribing antibiotics to treat conditions such as rosacea and acne, Medico Beauty’s philosophy combines bespoke treatment protocols with effective American produced products, CosMedix, to provide patients with noticeably clearer skin, without having to resort to medication.

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Providing specialist training to therapists, nurses and doctors, Medico Beauty supplies advanced, individually tailored treatment solutions to successfully resolve skin problems.

Medico Beauty certified Oxfordshire-based GP and Cosmetic Doctor, Dr. Alison Warner draws upon her own experience of rosacea and views the process of ‘Dermal Remodeling’ as an integral part of Medical Aesthetics and loves using CosMedix for their Chirally Correct active ingredients and encapsulated Retinol products. Dr. Alison has now built tolerance to using Results Rx Serum 24 and CosMedix Benefit Peels, showing how much more stronger her skin has become through the correct conditioning.

Amba’s Acne

Amba Morris, a mother of two and up and coming health and beauty blogger, visited Dr. Warner’s Oxfordshire clinic, Skin Solutions Oxford, for acne treatment recently and has been smiling ever since.

After giving birth to her two children, Amba found that her skin became significantly oilier, her pores were enlarged and she experienced very sore breakouts. As an adult, Amba had not previously suffered with problem skin making her condition that much more troubling and harder on her self-confidence.

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While there is no such thing as an overnight solution, Dr. Warner was confident that Amba’s acne would respond well to a combination of CosMedix skin care products and bespoke treatment.

Having tried other cosmeceutical lines and products including face peels, it was a huge relief for Amba to be told that something would finally work on her skin, especially after having previously suffered reactions to growth factors and vitamins A and C.

Skin Solutions Oxford: Advanced Facials and Peels

Dr. Warner’s wide range of medical aesthetic skin peels help a variety of skin conditions like Amba’s, as well as sun damage, lines & wrinkles and pigmentation problems. Carefully selected for the best possible results, the non-invasive peels create as little to no downtime.

Promoting healthy skin restoration, the peels stimulate collagen production through the skins natural healing process.

One of the most popular peels – the Purity Peel – features an intense formula designed to penetrate excess oil to help tackle skin conditions such as enlarged pores and acne. Featuring a unique blend of purified acids, the Purity Peel heals acne scars, reduces inflammation, exfoliates skin and clears blemishes – leaving behind a glowing dewy complexion.

To see what skin looks like after three Purity Peels, take a look at Amba’s Instagram and see how her Skin Solution and CosMedix journey has gone for her.

“I love the peels”, commented Amba. ”They don't leave your skin heavily peeling or bright red, they gently do their job. It is a bit of pain being bright orange with the Purity Peel but I have had worse looking fake tans, and if you’re clever, you can plan to do them at the end of the day so you don't have to be seen. Once you wash the peel off it’s so simple to carry on the treatment at home. The post peel kits are great; they give you everything you need and are not massive bottles so nothing is wasted.”
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Amba started with Results Rx A Solution, as combination of 2% encapsulated Retinola AGP complex with a triple blend of purified acids plus a calming serum called REDuce. Now having managed to work her way up to Serum 24, which contains a key Dermal Remodelling ingredient exclusive to Results Rx called LG-Retinex (at 24%, a Retinol, Retinaldehyde and Glycosaminoglycan complex), today her complexion is looking better than ever. Now a convertee to all things CosMedix and Results Rx, Amba has her favourite go-to products including the Purity Clean face wash and Purity Balance prep solution, specially designed for oily skin because it provides deep cleaning without stripping with harsh acids.

“The Pure Enzymes exfoliating mask is my ultimate choice” says Amba. “It really removes dead skin cells but without the harshness or grains and grit of my previous exfoliates. These just resulted in irritating my skin and dragging the bacteria from my spots around my face.”

“I am so happy with my skin now”

Since being treated by Dr Warner, Amba’s skin has changed dramatically. Now less oily, her pores are smaller, she has minimal breakouts and her acne scars are slowly fading.

Amba explained, “I definitely feel more confident, and when I apply makeup it is not taking as long to hide the imperfections. I am so happy with my skin now.”

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Amba’s best advice to those with skin issues is not to try too much at once, but to work one or two products and be conscious that using less is really more! She said, “Dr. Warner approaches your skin care concerns with honest advice – no harsh sale. She makes sure that you know that your skin won’t change overnight, but a course of targeted treatments and correct home care can help discover what works best for each skin type. Dr Warner even rings you 24 to 48 hours after the treatment to ensure there are no complications, and to discuss how you want to approach your new skin care regime. The power and control is given to you, and there is nothing more reassuring that that.”

Dr. Warner was delighted with the results of the treatment. She said, “Amba and I worked together to decide on a series of suitable products, with our final selection to use the Purity Peel then Timeless Peels. For the homecare regime I recommended Purity Clean, Purity Balance, Clarity Serum, Mystic, Serum 24, Pure Enzymes and Reflect SPF 30 products. This was the best treatment outcome for Amba.”

If you live in the Oxford area and wish to undergo treatment with Dr Warner, please visit her website at

If you’re unable to get to Oxford, Medico Beauty offer new patients the option to undergo a remote consultation, and will provide the best practitioner based on an individual’s requirements. For those looking to purchase a bespoke skin care programme to try at home, the website also offers lots of tips and advice.

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