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Dermaplan Explained


Medico Beauty can help you to maintain or restore healthy skin, whatever your individual concern or skin type. 

Your first introduction to one of the Medico Beauty brands should always be through one of our Certified DERMAplan Rx® Clinics. Your own personal Skin Health Guru will conduct a consultation and in depth analysis, tailoring a perfect treatment programme best suited to your exact requirements, what we refer to as a DERMAplan.

Don't forget that the expert consultation process is as important as the products that we apply: to achieve the best results possible seek the support and structure provided by one of our specially trained, locally available DERMAplan specialists.

  • Get expert advice and change your skin from the inside out
  • Receive an appropriate skincare recommendation to fit both your needs and lifestyle
  • Achieve the best possible results in a safe and healthy way
  • Be supported from start to finish
  • Learn how to maintain your skin result

Our highly skilled team educates at centers all over the country on a weekly basis, teaching hundreds of retailers and their staff about our revolutionary treatment experience and our bio-logical skin wisdom.

  • We have long established relationships with our DERMAplan Practitioners
  • We know each company individually, often over years, sometimes for decades
  • We have educated them all personally, face-to-face ourselves
  • Each one is authorised by us to provide professional treatments 
  • They will help you to accelerate and maximize the results from our homecare regimens

If you want to locate your nearest DERMAplan Rx® Certified Clinic please go to the Enquiry Form


... Provides support and structure

DERMAplan™ is a revolutionary, highly sophisticated corrective process. Your skin health professional will act as your personal beauty guru throughout this journey. They will ensure that you have the best treatment experience possible, whilst also helping you to remain inspired and motivation along the way

... A custom fit

Following a consultation, your Aesthetician will create a bespoke solution unique to your individual skin requirements. The programme will be built to suit YOU, taking into account your own skin concerns, daily routines and personal preferences

... Targets and heals the root cause of your symptoms

Rather than just exfoliating the outer layers of skin with superficial treatments, such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels, or moisturising the top layer of the skin, temporarily masking symptoms whilst causing long term damage

... Deflames, not inflames

Products will support your own internal immune function, rather than just treating inflammatory skin problems with further irritation, ultimately weakening your body’s long term ability to self-protect

... Ingredients can speak your skin’s natural language

Products contain a revolutionary blend of plant derived, active, intelligent ingredients, formulated using the Chiral Correction process. They target damaged tissue from the inside out, not the outside in

... Works with your body’s own natural processes

Ingredients, encouraging the body to heal itself, are applied on a daily basis, rather than in one invasive treatment. Healthy skin is restored by removing inflammatory drivers and fertilising the womb of the skin, creating a more healthy re-modelling process. Your skin will be returned to optimal health and will start to behave in the same way it did when you were a child, in a process known as Advanced Skin Health Restoration (ASHR)

... Not a temporary fix

Having supercharged natural repair mechanisms, allowing your body to heal itself from within, we will provide you with the supportive building blocks required to manufacture healthy skin, for life 

... Products are purified

Products consist of a complex blend of active ingredients free from abrasive chemicals, synthetic perfumes, parabens, preservatives and skin irritants. such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Glycolic Acid.  These ingredients work together to stimulate the removal of unhealthy tissue, correct the root cause of the condition and protect skin from inflammation



Returning your skin to optimal health, achieving your goals and ensuring a fabulous treatment outcome also requires a big investment from you too. Don’t forget that no two people are the same and, depending on factors such as your skin type and skin problem(s), the level of change and time it takes to achieve resolution will vary between different patients.









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