Skincare Heroes: Aysha's Top Skincare Picks

Get glowing skin this year! Healthy skin is always “in,” and if you’ve been wondering how to get and maintain a healthy glow, you’re in luck: we have the CosMedix skincare products you need to get started.

Use these products to get the glow, from head to toe.


Healthy skin begins with clean pores. In order for the active ingredients to work, the pores have to be free of dirt, debris, makeup, and other gunk. 

Rx Clean Exfoliating Cleanser is a concentrated cleanser that contains L-Lactic Acid, Shea Butter, and Tea Tree and Grapefruit oils. This gel cleanser is both a cleanser and a mask and de-clogs pores, while soothing and hydrating the skin. It’s well-tolerated by oily skin or after a period of skin conditioning using Purity Clean 5% L-lactic cleanser, it is a firm favourite of CosMedix graduates, eager to take their skincare routine to the next level!


Although toners are recommended for people with oily skin, the ingredients can cause side effects that result in combination skin, an oily T zone, and dry cheeks. 

Purity Balance Exfoliating Prep is a prep solution that improves the effectiveness of the other products in your skincare routine, balances the skin’s pH, and most crucially of all, calms inflammation. Using a formulation that is free from alcohol and harsh acids is key.  If you have an oily complexion or simply wish to boost the rejuvenating benefits of using a Retinol serum and Alpha Hydroxy Acids, use Purity Balance once a day. The combination of Salicylic, L-Lactic, and Vitamin B is a winning combination of plant-friendly alternatives that don’t harm the skin’s barrier and ensure enhanced delivery, which helps you achieve noticeable results without compromising on skin health.


In order to get healthy, glowing skin, it’s important to repair damage and nourish the skin with active ingredients.

Relief Soothing Peptide Gel is a multi-purpose gel with anti-bacterial properties that instantly stops the burning sensation caused by a burn or even a bee sting. It’s made to heal damaged skin. The gel is safe to use immediately after any aesthetic treatment and will enhance results, in particular from facial peels, Radio Frequency, SkinPen (micro needling), and Laser. It can be used by acne-prone and male skin to hydrate without blocking pores with an occlusive cream.


Eye Doctor High Potency Eye Treatment is a serum that heals and repairs damaged, thinning skin around the eyes. Getting the most out of an eye cream requires a deep dive into the fundamentals of how to stop premature aging. The process of reversing skin damage is challenging because the tissue in the deepest layer has been affected. 

There are only a handful of ingredients that can be relied upon to get results. Retinol (a Vitamin A derivative), amino acids such as Peptides, Growth Factors and hydrating liquid crystals. Antioxidants are also beneficial, but to make any noticeable difference are required in very high concentrations. More often than not, the ingredients in an eye cream will only contain a token amount plus emulsifiers that are just hyped-up moisturisers! If you are concerned with lines, dark circles, and sunken eyes, start treating the area sooner rather than later. Prevention is far better than the cure. Eye Doctor is an investment product and will last for several months. The blend of Retinol AGP Complex 1% is very stimulating and helps increase the rate of skin cell renewal and collagen synthesis. With continued use the benefits are endless and well worth the expense compared with paying for more invasive treatment.  


The sheet mask has become a firm staple, initially introduced during the explosion of Korea or K-beauty skincare brands in 2016. The properties of masks vary, and having a sheet mask that offers a blended approach ensures that multiple concerns can be addressed all at once. Wearing a comfortable sheet mask is also essential for ease of use.  


Pamper skin with Micro Defence Microbiome Sheet Mask. When applied to the skin the Microbiome mask has instant soothing benefits that revive a stressed skin. The mask can be removed from the fridge and left on for fifteen minutes or longer. Use the rose quartz facial roller to help massage the ingredients. These include a unique blend of health bacteria that replenish the skin’s microbiome. A new phenomenon in skincare science, the live culture is nurtured in coconut extract which has the additional benefit of deeply hydrating dry skin.


Pro Tip: Use the Rose Quartz Roller 

For the perfect accompaniment to any skincare routine, use a smaller-sized roller under the eyes to reduce puffiness. Stimulate blood flow and facial lymphatic system to help detoxify the skin. The roller instantly relaxes facial muscles on the forehead. Additionally, rose quartz doesn’t harbour bacteria and remains cool.


Why let your face have all the fun? 

The A-Lift Overnight Vitamin A Body Treatment is a highly sought-after all-around skincare essential. The rejuvenating benefits of applying a Retinol (Vitamin A derivative) daily are proven, but it has been a struggle to find a product that can be safely used on non-facial areas. Treating a large area can lead to complications and extra cost. The skin on the body isn’t as porous as that of the face, and it doesn’t absorb ingredients as easily. The product remains trapped on the skin’s surface. This body formulation contains a blend of highly effective and encapsulated, active ingredients that penetrate and deliver significant concentrations of Retinol (LG Retinex 26%).  Clinically proven, after just fourteen applications, participants saw a 46% improvement in skin firmness and 27% improvement in skin brightness.  The consistency is light and quickly absorbs into the skin.  To boost results, use in conjunction with Polish body scrub.

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