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Dual Sided Silicone Masking Brush

The Dual-Sided Silicone Mask Applicator is a luxe skincare tool with both textured and smooth sides designed to evenly distribute your favorite face masks with ultimate precision.

  • Allows for mess-free mask application
  • Easy-to-clean silicone spatula helps keep your at-home masking routine sanitary
  • Dual-sided design targets different skin zones and concerns at once
  • Textured side of applicator doubles as a gentle exfoliating treatmen

    ***Retail Only*** not available at whole sale. Limited Stock. 

      Use the textured side of the Dual-Sided Silicone Mask Applicator to apply a dime-sized amount of a detoxifying mask like Detox or Clear to cleansed and toned skin. Apply product along the t-zone, including chin, nose and center of the forehead. Use the smooth, curved side to distribute a hydrating mask like Restore or Bio-Shape to the cheeks and sides of the forehead. Gently rinse face with warm water to remove mask. Rinse tool with warm water and gentle soap to clean.

      Add a touch of luxe to your at-home masking routine with this one-of-a-kind Silicone Mask Applicator. The easy-to-clean dual-sided silicone head does the dirty work for you by effortlessly applying exfoliating, liquid and gel face masks in a few quick swipes. A must-have skincare tool in your beauty arsenal, it features a unique curved design that flexes to maneuver around the face, allowing for easier, mess-free product application. Pair it with your favorite mask or use the dual sides to multi-mask and target different skin concerns at once. One side is textured for an exfoliating, massaging effect that stimulates the skin as you swipe product along the t-zone area, while the other side is smooth, making it ideal for even distribution across the cheeks and sides of the forehead.

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