Your homecare plan is a three-step treatment system. The Age Defy Kit addresses the root causes of dryness and lines.

In the first treatment phase, in the morning: Cleanse with Benefit Clean* a rich gel cleanser, use Emulsion* cream and finish with a sunscreen such as Peptide Rich Defence SPF50 or Hydrate+ SPF 17*

During the day instantly refresh your complexion with Mystic. This magic liquid is fortified with additional protection from environmental damage and naturally anti-bacterial. The plumping action of hyaluronic acid works over mineral make-up and regular foundation.

In the evening: Remove makeup with Purity Solution, then cleanse with Benefit Clean. Use a small amount of Cell ID* growth factor and peptide serum, press Serum 16* directly on top. Apply any residue around the eye-bone. Mix six shakes of Pure C crystals with either Cell ID or Serum 16. In the morning, Pure C can be mixed with any other serum.

  1. To get started with the basics, choose The Age Defy Kit - 15 ml* The four items in the kit* last for a minimum of 21-days.
  2. If you are ready to step-up, purchase the same items in full sizes. These products will last for a minimum of ten weeks.

DOWNLOAD The Age Defy skin kit instructions

Over the course of treatment, in Phase Two, the strength of your regimen will steadily increase.

After you have completed the first phase, please check-in using the online contact form to get advice on the next steps.


Age Defy Kit (15 ml bottles x4)

Sold out

A kick start programme to rapidly improve skin health, see visible results after 21-days See full page  

This kit doesn’t not include a sunscreen.

CosMedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser

Benefit Clean

Sold out

A gel cleanser made with 5% L-lactic, deep cleansing properties, great for reducing blocked pores. See full page

CosMedix Emulsion Moisturiser Dry Skin


Sold out

A deeply hydrating cream that’s easily absorbed and reverses dryness, also anti-bacterial. Instantly plump and refresh skin throughout the day See full page

CosMedix Hydrate+ SPF17 Daily Moisturiser 60ml

Hydrate+ SPF17

Sold out

This natural SPF cream hydrates, medical grade beta-glucans and antioxidants calm and sooth damaged skin. See full page

CosMedix Define Retinol Cream


Sold out

3-in-1 advanced solutions for damaged skin. A triple blend of purified AHA’s and Retinol AGP Complex 2%. Restore collagen and shrink pores See full page

Peptide Rich Defence SPF50

Sold out

This lightweight SPF cream hydrates, peptides and antioxidants repair damaged skin. See full page


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A healing spray with deeply hydrating properties that’s also anti-bacterial, instantly plump and refresh skin throughout the day See full page →