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Medico Beauty Institute

The Medico Beauty Institute is an advanced skin training school that was created following recognition of a need for a higher level of education and skin knowledge within the beauty and medical aesthetics industry.

Medico Beauty pride themselves on being more than just distributors of medical skincare. They are dedicated to providing all accounts with the gold standard in education to ensure outstanding product knowledge with correct application of treatments.

The Medico Beauty Institute was created to provide expert education in treatment systems and metabolic chemical peels that are distributed by Medico Beauty. We also provide education for our unique combination therapy protocols.

We don’t just teach how to use the products; we teach you how to achieve results, that will keep your clients / patients coming back time and time again.

Medico Beauty Institute specialise in educating & training beauty and medical aesthetic professionals

  • Education created by industry experts 
  • Skin Kit Solutions for all cosmetic skin problems
  • Training in superficial and medium depth chemical peel solutions that are "Chirally Correct" and known as "Dermal Infusions"
  • Combination Treatment Protocols for successfully integrating chemical peels with Laser, IPL and specific technique in Dermal Needling called the "Contour Peel"
  • Progressive Treatment Solutions using Combination Treatment Protocols
    • Multi-level training courses for all level's of experience from novice to seasoned expert
    • Access to an e-learning education platform that provides training, video demonstrations and assessment
    • Impartial Skin Diagnostic Education using very specific guidelines that are unique to Medico Beauty
    • Continual Business Support & Development
    • Continual Marketing Support & Development

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