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Recover a normal complexion that feels great in a matter of weeks. Treat and prevent flushing, Rosacea and Adult Acne. CPR Serum calms an overly sensitized skin that reacts badly to regular skincare. These innovative natural skincare items are wonderfully enriched to reverse damaged caused by sun burn and much more.

Verified by Doctors as safe, even for the most hyper-reactive skin.


CosMedix CPR Before and After

User Experience: Immediately Post & After 3 Weeks of Use see a significant reduction in redness and breakouts 

Making your skin even healthier has never been easier


CPR Serum is an absolute powerhouse of actives.  The highlights being Blue Agave and Arnica both repudiated for centuries for accelerated healing.  The anti-bacterial properties of Tamanu Oil and Totarol also assist with naturally restoring clarity and radiance. The product is highly concentrated and worthwhile noting only one to two pumps are needed for the whole face. Apply using fingertips to slightly damp skin.

CPR Serum is a pure concrete of natural anti inflammatory ingredients and Rose Hip. 


Benefit Balance contains a blend of powerful Antioxidants, plant steroids, that counter the production of reddening histamine.  Deeply hydrating Heavy Water (D20) offers longer lasting benefits that rebalance moisture loss. It makes the perfect travel companion for dehydrated skin. During the day top up over makeup and otherwise press a few sprays onto clean skin.


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All CosMedix formulations are free from Glycolic Acid, an AHA that has a very small molecular structure that’s effective for cleaning pores but over time can create secondary problems that sensitize and lead to inflammatory skin problems. This online article provides more insight into the use of Glycolic Acid in skincare.

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