Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We strive to ensure the best possible outcome and treatment experience. This requires a commitment and a willingness to think outside of the traditional “beauty box” of tick lists and standardised beauty protocols.

The treatment specialty known as Advanced Skin Health Restoration uses the most up to date scientific innovations in cosmetic chemistry that are also clinically evidence.

Formulated with a sophisticated blend of botanicals that are purified using the process of Chiral Correction, which was awarded the Noble Prize in Chemistry in 2002. Since the 1960’s the American Federal Drug Agency (FDA) have mandated that all drugs be chiral.

What Makes the Medico Method Unique?

Achieving noticeable results requires, prior in-depth analysis, of the specific needs of the individual. The Medico Beauty Method puts the “analysis” using a specific protocol, developed in conjunction with Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Mr Awwad Awwad, that identifies the primary problem and skin type. Learn more about us.

Taking the Treatment Approach Out of the Box™

It is common practice for aesthetic and skin treatments to get administered without any prior analysis. The professional selects a treatment from a pre determined “menu.”

We aren’t procedure lead, limited by options shown on a treatment menu, but work through selecting the appropriate active ingredient that are suitable for the specific skin type and concern.

Medico puts the individual at the heart of the service because knowing your skin and body, tailoring treatments will supercharge the benefits. It’s a common sense approach that unlocks the full potential of the body to access pathways that allow for optimal healing.

Reach Beyond the Face of Skin™ 

We believe treating the skin depends on identifying the root causes, targeting these not just symptoms. Because the wellbeing of every person is integral to the appearance of their skin and health. 

Medico creates added value with the use of treatment customisation and most importantly only uses advanced skin solutions, that are “treatment systems” NOT skincare lines, to deliver on the promise of achieving better looking skin and exceed the expectations of our clientele.