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Advanced Skin Bar & Clinic London

We would like to welcome you to experience a new groundbreaking health and beauty venture.  Lead by Honorary Consultant, leading Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Mr.Awwad Awwad. With over thirty-five years of experience in the pioneering use of medical innovations and biodynamic skin therapies.  His reputation as the go to Cosmetic Specialist has gained him a very loyal following amongst patients who want a natural appearance, minimal risk and downtime.

See A Certified Skin Specialist

This is a unique opportunity to meet with a team of experts in the field of non-surgical rejuvenation, wellness and the ultimate problem solvers to the beauty dilemmas that plague the nation.

Reclaim A Glowing Complexion

Experience a Medico Beauty Dermal Plan™. A well-kept secret amongst women and men that are members of The Living Well who strive to reach beyond the confinement of a traditional beauty routine and know how to supercharge the effects of a personalised Dermal Plan™.They choose to invest in evidenced based skin treatments that speak the language of cellular renewal and positive transformation.

Enjoy a FREE 7 Point Skin Analysis

Our Experts include Advanced Therapists, who are Certified by the Medico Beauty Institute to carry out an in-depth skin analysis using a unique seven-point system. The analysis is done before and after embarking on a Dermal Plan™ using digital photography and software to measure improvements throughout the programme.By knowing how to identify root causes and priorities the next steps in your personal treatment plan a team of Certified Experts share health and beauty solutions including skincare advice that greatly enhance your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Discover a Unique Chemistry and Look Younger

By taking a different approach, Medico Beauty chose to only use naturally sourced active ingredients that melt inflammation and supercharge cellular renewal.  Certified Experts are masters of knowing how to combine active ingredients and ensure that even the most delicate complexions remain free from blemishes, lines and saggy skin.
All product formulations are tested against a specific criterion and must include key properties, be clinically evidenced and have the correct balance of nourishing ingredients that repair damaged skin. For over a decade we have experienced seeing noticeable long-term changes made to the appearance of lines and damaged skin.  Treatment is shown to increase the density of collagen and elastin. The discomfort of dry skin and other symptoms, including Rosacea and sensitivity is also successfully eliminated.
Your personalized homecare plan includes using an Advanced Skin Kit that is free from synthetic ingredients including fragrances and preservatives.  Active ingredients are derived from plants that have been specially purified using a process that won the Nobel Prize forChemistry (2002) called Chiral Correction. These biodynamic formulations speak the skin’sown language and communicate more effectively than shop bought skincare and makeup to instantly transform a dull complexion. Revealing a truly beautiful and glowing complexion your friends and family will notice.

Darker Skin Types

Dermal Infusion facial treatments are individually customised to treat every skin type, regardless of colour or tone. For those skins that are darker in pigment, we utilise specialty homecare products that contain active ingredients and regulate the production of pigment.Those with mixed heritage, Asian or Black skins can all enjoy our treatments safely, without fear of irritation that leads to darkening of the skin.  This is called Post InflammatoryPigmentation (PIH). It is also possible to access a treatment programme to address PIH.

Skin Advice for Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

Mothers often suffer reactive skin alongside hormonal breakouts. The Dermal Plan™ utilises a variety of enzymes and naturally occurring acids, to address any issues safely and effectively during pregnancy, as well as nursing. New mothers can now enjoy this incredible stage of life with glowing skin! 

Skin Advice for Men

All of our results driven home care plans are suitable for both men and women of all ages. The powerful ingredients contained in our ranges of homecare capably address thick, oily skins, as well as skins sensitised by an active sportsman’s lifestyle. Enlarged pores, redness and sunspots are just a few of the conditions our supercharged ingredients can resolve.  

How to Learn More

If you wish to enquire about the first steps in embarking upon a new skin and body transformation complete the new enquiry form

Get in touch to arrange an appointment today.  A deposit of £25.00 is paid in advance and made redeemable against the cost of home care.
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