Foreo Luna Professional Set

Medico Beauty are the official distributors of the Foreo Luna Professional Set, an advanced cleansing and anti-aging system to take your beauty treatments to a whole new level.Specifically created for professionals in the beauty industry, the LUNA™ Professional Set is packaged with 2 devices for simultaneous use in both hands, it integrates seamlessly into your treatment procedure, providing your clients with a more comfortable and effective treatment experience.



The LUNA™ Professional Set utilizes Dual T-Sonic™ technology, using 2-point transdermal sonic pulses in a shifting wave pattern that helps to enhance the complexion’s natural glow. With twin motors that generate up to 8,000 pulsations per minute in each device in Cleansing Mode, the LUNA™ Professional Set unclogs and reduces the appearance of pores, refining the skin’s texture as it cleanses deeply and boosting absorption of skincare products allowing them to work more effectively.The nonabrasive, hypoallergenic and body-safe silicone touchpoints offer a safe, gentle and effective deep-cleansing and anti-aging solution, without any abrasive twisting and pulling.On the reverse side of the device, smooth silicone waves optimize the benefits of the LUNA™ Professional Set’s Anti-Aging Mode,enhancing product penetration and channeling pulsations through curved surfaces of concentric waves to wrinkle-prone areas, the devices smooth the look of the skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leave the skin feeling firmer and more elastic.With a versatile 4-zone cleansing brush and adjustable pulsation intensities, the LUNA™ Professional Set suits all skin types, so is suitable for all of your clients and because the silicone surface is nonporous and resistant to the growth of bacteria; they’re extremely hygienic and easy to clean, allowing the devices to be ready for your next client in a matter of moments.

From the moment the LUNA™ Professional Set is activated, your customers will experience an exceptional beauty treatment that imparts tangible, instantly visible results, leaving them profoundly 
satisfied with their more beautiful, radiant skin.Combined with our outstanding medical skin care system by CosMedix, we have created a unique protocol called LUNA Fusion™, to enhance the results already achieve by using advanced cosmeceuticals. If you are a skin care professional and want more information about the LUNA Professional Set or to learn about our signature LUNA Fusion treatment protocol, please contact us.