Advanced Skin Protocols

 Advanced Skin Protocols Medico Beauty

Medico Beauty Institute of Aesthetic Skin Specialists – I.A.S.

Unique Skin Protocols

I.A.S. specialise in providing advanced skin education to build knowledge, confidence and competency to provide a standard of excellence within the beauty and medical aesthetics industry.  We design advanced skin protocols so that beauty therapists, aestheticians and aesthetic medical practitioners can effectively treat all skin types and conditions to achieve consistent results, every time.  We have a team of educators, all of which are qualified and experienced aestheticians, providing industry expertise to ensure a gold standard of training. We pride ourselves on delivering advanced skin knowledge, as well as product training and technical application.   Providing delegates with the tools and knowledge needed to carry out the ‘Medico Beauty Method’ of advanced skin consultation and 7-Point Skin Analysis to ensure correct diagnosis of skin concerns and identify their root cause to effectively resolve the problem, instead of treating the symptoms.  All of our advances skin protocols combine proven treatment modalities with our advanced Chirally Correct treatment system by CosMedix. Using only ingredients that communicate with the living layer of the skin for a more corrective approach to treating skin conditions using medical skincare without irritation or downtime. 

As a Medico Beauty Institute delegate, you will learn the following protocols. 

  • Medico Beauty Method of Advanced Skin Consultation 
  • 7-Point Skin Analysis 
  • LUNA Fusion Med-Facials 
  • The Contour Peel
  • CosMedix Metabolic Peels 
  • Treatment Integration Protocols 


Medico Beauty Method of Advanced Skin Consultation 

The Medico Beauty Method of Advanced Skin Consultation was created to offer beauty therapists, aestheticians and aesthetic medical practitioners a way of accurately identifying the root cause of their clients / patients skin condition. We take a ‘corrective’ approach to treating skin, rather than masking symptoms we aim to resolve skin concerns at the root. 

The Medico Beauty Method teaches delegates how to consult with their client / patient to successfully identify the root cause, using a holistic approach that reviews all aspects that affect skin health, including dietary, lifestyle and emotional factors, as well as topical treatments and homecare. 


7-Point Skin Analysis 

The 7-Point Skin Analysis is an extension to the advanced skin consultation and used in conjunction to correctly identify skin type and measure contributing factors in the skin that can’t be seen with the naked eye. 

Using an ultraviolet lamp we are able to measure levels of oil, hydration, depth of pigmentation in the skin. We also measure skin thickness, vascularity, photo-damage and Fitzpatrick type. All 7 points are considered when designing the bespoke treatment protocols for our clients / patients and ensuring safe application of our metabolic chemical peels. 


LUNA Fusion Med-Facials 

Our LUNA Fusion Med-Facials are a unique combination of Foreo LUNA Professional ultrasonic cleansing plus medical aesthetics facials using our advanced skin treatment system by CosMedix.  

This unique treatment protocol uses LUNA ultrasonic technology and anti-microbial medical-grade silicone to deep cleanse the skin while simultaneously stimulating blood flow and encouraging lymphatic drainage. CosMedix active ingredients are delivered deep into the skin for greater penetration and enhanced results from our facials. 

We recommend LUNA Fusion Med-Facials as an introduction to our ‘Dermal Remodelling’ programme, to condition skin prior to more advanced treatments. LUNA Fusion Med-Facials can also be used as maintenance following a course of treatment. 


The Contour Peel

The Contour Peel is a unique combination therapy that incorporates micro needling with a new generation of Chemical Peel called a "Dermal Infusion" and nutriceutical, Hydrolyzed Collagen supplementation by Collagen Shots.

Studies have shown the effect from micro needling (0.5 mm) treatment and combined process using with The Contour Peel will successfully tackle all common cosmetic skin problems including; the effect of Premature Aging, wrinkles, saggy skin, Acne Scarring, Sensitive and Dry Skin.

Attendees Learn

  • The physiology of wound healing and collagen production, plus the unique technique of micro needling for maximum effect with minimum discomfort.
  • How to safely combine micro needling with ingredients that are recognised by the skin to achieve outstanding results without compromising skin health.

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Dermagen+ is certified through Marste Academy and BABTAC providing 8CPD points. 

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CosMedix Metabolic Peels 

CosMedix Metabolic Peels are the new frontier of chemical peels. Unlike traditional peels that rely on acids to exfoliate and cause wounding, a Metabolic Peel uses Chirally Correct acids, purified on a molecular level, plus encapsulated Retinol AGP Complex to stimulate an increase cellular turnover from within. The delivery mechanisms include liposomes, a complex of amino acids and carbon spheres called Fullerenes. Crucially this ensures that active ingredients penetrate effectively so that clients and patients achieve visible improvements to cosmetics skin concerns without experiencing irritation, discomfort and downtime. 

CosMedix self-neutralizing formulations, can be left on the skin overnight, and safely applied on the same day in combination with Laser, IPL and Micro Needling.

Treatments vary in strength and can be divided into two categories that are both superficial and medium depth; ‘Today’ treatments requiring no prep and ‘Tomorrow’ peels that require a minimum preparation time of fourteen days using a Home Kit Prior.

Not only does training and certification teach the treatment protocols, attendees also learn how to successful resolve challenging skin problems and get results for Rosacea, Adult Acne and in Premature Aged Skin.

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Treatment Integration Protocols 

Whilst its possible to successfully resolve all cosmetic skin concerns using our treatment systems, the Medico Beauty Institute recognise that the beauty and medical aesthetics industry also has many other treatment modalities at its disposal. 

CosMedix fully integrates with all treatment modalities including laser, IPL, LED, microdermabrasion, micro-current, galvanic and 3D Laser-Lipo. As part of our advanced skin protocols we also teach how to safely combine and integrate CosMedix with your existing treatment modalities and how to achieve an even greater result by conditioning the skin using active ingredients.