About Us

Our Story 

Medico Beauty was founded in 1994 by Aesthetic Nurse Constance Campion-Awwad, and renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Awwad Awwad. Company Director Aysha Awwad joined the practice in 2004.

Over 30 years of expertise combined with our cutting edge products allows us to provide our customers with the most advanced skin health science available. Pioneers of the skincare industry, we employ a unique, bio-regenerative approach to the successful treatment of all common cosmetic skin concerns and rejuvenation.

We partner with brands that truly change the skin from the inside out. We source chirally correct products based on Nobel Prize winning science that produce superior results.

Medico Beauty-certified aestheticians are trained in our cutting edge approach and empowered with products and knowledge to be the most effective skincare therapists.  Our in-depth training places emphasis on targeting and treating the root cause of skin decline, and correcting unhealthy skin from within.

Our Approach to Skincare

We strive to ensure the best possible outcome and treatment experience. This requires a commitment and a willingness to think outside of the traditional “beauty box” of tick lists and standardised beauty protocols.

The treatment specialty known as Advanced Skin Health Restoration uses the most up to date scientific innovations in cosmetic chemistry that are also clinically evidence.

Formulated with a sophisticated blend of botanicals that are purified using the process of Chiral Correction, which was awarded the Noble Prize in Chemistry in 2002. Since the 1960’s the American Federal Drug Agency (FDA) have mandated that all drugs be chiral. Read more about our philosophy.

Aysha Awwad

Managing Director

Managing Director and Advanced Skin Health Rejuvenation expert, an authority on Dermal Remodelling, combination therapies and wellbeing...Read More

Constance Campion

Company Founder

Expert Aesthetic Nurse, Constance Campion-Awwad, is one of the world’s leading experts in medical aesthetics, anti-ageing and wellness medicine...Read more