CosMedix Timeless Peel - Treatment Spotlight

CosMedix Timeless Peel Treatment Summary

  • Level 3 Peel Treatment – suitable for all skin types and conditions (requires prep)
  • Effective treatment for lines & wrinkles, hyperpigmetation, photo-damage, acne, mild acne scaring and melasma.
  • Stimulates Cell Turnover
  • Stimulates Collagen and Elastin production
  • Removes stubborn hyperpigmentation
  • Increases skins Natural Moisture Factor
  • No discomfort, no downtime

What Is The CosMedix Timeless Peel?

The Timeless Peel is an enormously effective peel that works to restore growth of healthy, young skin cells. Increasing cell turnover and normalising cell function. Timeless Peel Rx also increases the skins ceramide production and moisture level to give an age-defying, smooth-textured complexion. Unlike traditional acid peels which simply exfoliate the skin, the high-potency 40% Retinol AGP gives an overall more corrective approach to peeling. Alpha Hydroxy Acids work fairly superficially, therefore not the most effective solution for deeper concerns such as Melasma and deep lines. Vitamin A works much deeper within the skin, therefore being able to address such concerns like Melasma, hyperpigmentation and even deeper lines which form in the dermis. One of the unique things about the CosMedix Timeless Peel is the fact that it's a leave on treatment. The majority of medium-depth peels within the industry would be timed for a few minutes, neutralised and removed. The Timeless Peel however is a cream-peel massaged into the skin. The L-Lactic Acid in the peels is self-neutralising so is safe to leave on the skin and allow extra time for the encapsulated Retinol AGP to do it's work. The peel is left on the skin for up to 12 hours, so it's recommended that the peel is left on overnight and rinsed off in the morning. What makes the CosMedix Timeless Peel so effective for treating stubborn skin concerns such as hyper pigmentation and melasma in particular is the high dosage of Vitamin A. Unlike traditional acid peels that simple burn and exfoliate the skin, Vitamin A acts as a cell regulator. It improves cell function. Therefore if cells, including our melanocytes (our pigment producing cells), are behaving abnormally, the high dose of Vitamin A not only causes a peeling effect but also helps to regulate pigment production. This is an overall more corrective approach to skin treatments. Peels that simply rely on exfoliation will not be as effective for treating such skin concerns and in some cases have even been known to make pigmentation worse. Particularly stronger peels which induce inflammation.

What ingredients are in CosMedix Timeless Peel?

The Timeless Peel is a combination of encapsulated Vitamin A and Chirally Correct L-Lactic Acid for gentle resurfacing. This combination peel greatly enhances the delivery of Vitamin A to increase the skins metabolic rate to kick start renewal. On day 3 post-peel is when the Retinol is most active and any micro-flaking can be seen.
  • Retinol AGP Complex 40%Anti-aging, stimulates cell turnover, encourages cell growth, all the benefits of retinol with added antioxidants. AGP (arabino-glactan protein) regulates sebaceous activity. Clinical studies indicate significant changes in the skin composition, increased collage, DNA, skin thickness and elasticity
  • L-Lactic Acid 25% – Chirally Correct Alpha Hydroxy Acid L-Lactic Acid resurfaces and exfoliates the skin. While also helping to increase ceramide production by 48%. Lactic Acid is also a natural humectant so improves skin hydration.
No other peel or professional treatment on the market has such high doses of Retinol within the formulation. Which is what makes Timeless Peel so unique and untouchable in results without severe downtime. cosmedix timeless peel swatch

What conditions does the CosMedix Timeless Peel treat?

All Skin Types and All Skin Conditions including photo-damaged skin, environmentally damaged skin, hyperpigmentation and melasma, acne, rosacea and scaring.

How often can I have this treatment?

The Timeless Peel is a medium-depth treatment. Due to the high strength Retinol in this treatment it generates immense activity within the skin and continues to work for up to 2 weeks.  For this reason you must leave a minimum of 4 weeks in between treatment.

Does this treatment require any prep?

Yes. This is Level 3 peel so the skin does need to be prepped prior to treatment. Using a CosMedix Retinol Serum and AHA products in your home care to ensure the best results. The length of time you prep will vary depending on your skin type and concern and will be discussed with your aesthetician. cosmedix timeless peel results

Is there anyone who can’t have this treatment?

The CosMedix Timeless Peel is suitable for all skin types and conditions. This treatment is not be suitable for women who are pregnant or breast feeding due to the Retinol. Also anyone currently taking Isotretinoin (or within last 6 months) would need to wait before having this treatment.

Interesting In Skin Peel Training?

If you’re a beauty therapist, aesthetician, nurse or doctor and based in the UK and would like to become certified in CosMedix metabolic skin peels, contact us to learn more about the Medico Beauty Institute skin peel training courses by emailing us at

Want to book a Timeless Peel?

You can experience the Timeless Peel or other CosMedix treatments at CosMedix approved salons and clinics throughout the UK & Ireland. Prices can vary depending on location. See our store locator to find your nearest clinic. If you have any questions about this treatment please contact us at

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