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Invoking memories of a beautiful spring morning, perhaps a holiday on the continent even your Granny’s garden, Lavender is one of the most used and distinct essential oils available.

There are two main types of Lavender oil: Lavender flower oil which is grown at a high altitude and has a sweet floral aroma and then Lavender Spike Oil which is grown on lower ground and has more of a spicy aroma. Usually the flower oil is used more in skin remedies and calming aromatherapy whereas spike oil is used in soap and fragrance blends.


As well as looking beautiful Lavender in its essential oil form can have strong medicinal purposes. Historically, early scriptures show it may have been used for over 2,500 years. It has been found that Egyptians used it for mummification purposes and the Romans used it in bathing, cooking and perfumes.

So we’re going to look at a few of the benefits of this beautiful essential oil starting with its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are our bodies first line of defence against harmful free radicals damaging our cells. Studies from China have found that Lavender essential oil can help you body produce three of the most powerful antioxidants ­ glutathione, catalase and superoxide dismutase ­ within 22 hours of use.

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Lavender Oil Benefits

Lavender oil has historically been used to help with migraines, stress and anxiety but more recent studies have offered more scientific evidence. In 2013 the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practise published a study which states that taking a 80mg lavender essential oil supplement can alleviate anxiety, sleep disturbance and depression. They also found there were no adverse side effects from using lavender oil. Another study in 2012 took 28

Another study in 2012 took 28 high-risk postpartum women and found that when they diffuse the oil in their homes there was a significant reduction of postnatal depression and anxiety after a four-week treatment. However, as with any supplementary essential oils it is worth checking the suitability with your GP before use.

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The Skin

When mixed with aloe or coconut oil Lavender essential oil can also have fantastic benefits on your skin. This is mainly due to its antimicrobial and antioxidant qualities. You only need to add 10 drops to each ounce of the mixer and it will help heal dry skin, minor cuts and can even help heal eczema and dermatitis. There have also been many success stories, which show that when mixed with frankincense oil and applied to the skin morning and night, lavender oil can help improve visible photo damage and age spots. If you suffer from acne try dabbing neat lavender essential oil to the skin before sleep for three nights and you should see a visible improvement ­ a great alternative to tea tree oil.

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Lavender and Sleep

Struggling with sleep deprivation or insomnia? Try Lavender essential oil. A study on college students found that use of this oil improved their sleep quality by on average 60%. There are a few ways of using Lavender essential oil in order to help you sleep ­ you can try rubbing it directly on the chest, neck and temples, using a diffuser or add 15 drops with 1 cup of epsom salts to a lovely warm bath.

Lavender oil has so many amazing benefits it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular essential oils on the market.

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