Winter Treatments that Work Wonders on Dry Skin

Is the harsh winter air taking a toll on your skin? The cold, dry air does more than cause us to bundle up; it causes our skin to become dry and flaky. Dry skin appears rough and scaly and may even itch. Skin tone may appear red and uneven. Additionally, dry skin makes fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable, regardless of your age. Restore your skin’s natural hydration with these healing masks and treatments, formulated to handle winter’s severe elements.
Masks formulated to treat dry skin
The CosMedix Restore Mask is a moisture-rich treatment formulated to restore hydration. It’s a deep drink of water for thirsty winter skin. The Restore Mask plumps skin and improves its texture. It also smooths the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Use it day and night to ward off dry skin. CosMedix Pure Enzymes Exfoliating Mask removes rough and flaky dry skin. It gently polishes away the top layer of the skin to reveal a youthful complexion. The Pure Enzymes Mask also removes impurities, making it perfect for all skin types, particularly those who are acne-prone. The mask boosts hydration and makes it easier for the products you use to absorb deeply into the skin. The best part is it continues to protect your skin from the environmental stressors that take a toll each day. Make it part of your bedtime skincare regimen, once or twice a week. Follow the Pure Enzymes Mask with CosMedix Rescue+ Intense Hydrating Balm & Mask. Rescue+ is a powerful, concentrated treatment formulated to heal inflamed or dry skin. Containing healing ingredients, including shea butter, Rescue+ restores moisture and soothes inflammation. Use it in the evening as a mask or leave it on overnight to enjoy extra hydration. It can also be used during the day if your skin is very dry or after a procedure.
Keep dry skin away for good
Maintain your skin’s natural moisture all season long with CosMedix Humidify, a deep moisture cream. Formulated for daily use, Humidify softens and smooths skin. Your complexion will appear brighter, firmer and more radiant. Skin hydration will improve by 42% in just 15 days of continuous use! Ingredients including shea butter and trehalose improve dry skin’s ability to absorb moisture. Colloidal oatmeal soothes irritated skin and improves texture. Use is day and night as part of your skincare routine. heal winter skin pinterest
Are you up to the challenge?
We’ve reached the midway point of our 28-day skincare challenge. If you’re participating, don’t forget to document your progress. Take photos of your skin during the course of the challenge and share your photos here. Check back for more helpful tips pertaining to dry skin, aging and other skin concerns. Use the hashtag #hellohealthyskin to join the conversation.

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