What’s the Right Moisturiser for Your Age?

How many moisturisers do you use each day? If you’re like most people, you likely use one in the morning and one in the evening. There's a moisturiser aimed at every specific skin type or concern. However, one thing you should focus on is age. As our skin matures, it requires unique care. For example, in your 20s, your skin produces tons of collagen so you’re less concerned with wrinkles and more concerned about maintaining a youthful, dewy complexion. In your 40s, your skin is producing much less collagen, so your concerns are just the opposite: you want products that boost collagen and smooth your skin. Now, you may be loyal to a particular product, but how do you know it’s the right moisturiser for you? Here are a few suggestions:

Your 20s

 width= Lucky you! You’re blessed with a youthful glow. Use a moisturiser that helps you maintain your beautiful complexion. Although your teen years are behind you, you may still experience a spot or two (especially when you’re stressed). Mystic is a lightweight, non-greasy hydrating moisturiser that is perfect for all skin types. In addition to supporting your skin’s natural moisturising factor, Mystic calms inflammation and protects your complexion from free radicals. Use it morning and night, as well as throughout the day to rehydrate your mineral makeup.  width= If you’re battling acne, choose a moisturiser, such as Shineless that is ideal for oily or acne-prone skin. The formula boosts the skin’s natural hydration to reveal an even, matte skin tone.

Your 30s

 width= By your 30s, you’re producing less collagen than before. During the cooler seasons, your skin may appear drier, making those fine lines and wrinkles more obvious. Humidify is a deep moisturising cream that prevents dehydration. After 15 days of continuous use, skin hydration is improved by 42%! The result is smoother, more even skin that’s firm and youthful. Click here to download

Your 40s

 width= Your skin may begin to show the effects of the enviable tan you aspired to in your teens and 20s. That’s right; sun damage in the form of hyperpigmentation, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable. Repair skin damage and reverse the signs of aging with professional-level resurfacing treatments. After treatment, use a healing moisturiser, such as Emulsion, to hydrate and heal the skin. Emulsion is a blend of hydrating ingredients that heal skin and soothe irritation, particularly between treatments. In addition to nourishing the skin, Emulsion helps repair the skin’s natural barrier function while protecting the skin from future free radical damage.

Your 50s

 width= Depending on genetics, you may begin to enter menopause in your late 40s to early 50s. With this change comes a new set of hormone-related issues.  Since your skin isn’t producing as much collagen and elastin anymore, choose a moisturiser that addresses your changing skin needs while also improving texture and hydration levels. Phytoharmony is an ultra-emollient cream that not only hydrates, it also accelerates production of collagen and elastin. It also contains a blend of phytohormones that hydrate and regenerate mature skin.  width= If redness and irritation are an issue, Phytoclear Clarifying Moisturiser not only increases hydration, it also helps balance hormones, accelerates collagen production and regulates sebum production. Additionally, it’s antibacterial.

For all ages

 width= Whether the holiday season is causing you to break out in spots, you’re recovering from a skin treatment or the dry air is leaving your skin flaky, your skin may need an extra dose of hydration. Rescue+ Intense Hydrating Balm & Mask is an antioxidant-rich superhero that gently soothes inflammation, calms the skin, reduces redness and accelerates your skin’s healing process. Apply it as needed a balm or use it as a mask for deep hydration.

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