How to Treat Photo Damaged Skin with COSMEDIX

At COSMEDIX UK, photodamage ,also know as sun damaged skin is one of the most common concerns that we see in our clinics. In reality, it is something few of us escape.  While everybody knows the importance of wearing an SPF on a daily basis in order to protect our skin from the those damaging UV rays, the sad fact is that most of the sun damage is done to our skin before we even hit 20! You see the human skin has a long memory and likes to remind us of past sun protection indiscretions, in the form of  pigmentation across our face and body and premature signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. This reminder becomes more evident as we age. Obviously there is more to photo damaged skin than this, so lets take a look at what actually happens to our skin after it has been exposed to UV rays.

What is Photodamage?

Photodamage, which is also referred to as photo-ageing,  is the premature ageing of our skin as a direct result of repeated exposure to to Ultraviolet Light, primarily from the sun, but also through artificial sources such as the use of tanning beds. Sun damage is the No. 1 cause of premature skin ageing and according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than 90% of the visible changes that are commonly attributed to skin ageing are cause by the sun! Scary stuff considering how much we, as a nation, worship the sun and and a nice spot of sun bathing!

What are the Effects of Photodamage?

Photodamaged skin shows premature signs of ageing that include:

  • Pigmentation (brown age spots, 'freckles' etc)
  • Breakdown of Collagen, which leads to formation of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Spider veins around nose, cheeks and neck
  • Loss of skin tone and elasticity
  • Uneven texture (in extreme cases, skin can appear 'leathery')
  • Lips become less full and lose volume

As you can see the effects of over exposure to the sun and its UV rays are far reaching and that is without considering the life threatening health risks in the form of skin cancer! It is vital that we protect our skin with a suitable SPF that is worn on exposed areas on a daily basis.

But what about treating the sun damage that has already happened? Sure we are a savvy bunch these days, clued in to the dangers of the sun and most of us are consistent in wearing sunscreen and teaching our children its importance. But what about the generations gone by, many of us who were around in the 60s, 70s and 80s can remember the penchant for carrot oil and tinfoil, basting our skin like turkeys and using tinfoil to reflect the suns rays as we lay in gardens slowly roasting our bodies! If you don't remember, ask your mother, we aren't lying! It is these women who are now looking in the mirror at damage done decades ago and wondering how on earth to get rid of it!

How to Treat Photodamage?

To those who are looking for a solution, the bad news is there is no quick fix, this damage to your skin, its cells and structure, has been a long time in the making. The good news on the other hand is that, thanks to scientific research, active ingredients and sophisticated product formulations and delivery systems that progressive brands like COSMEDIX have created there are now tailored solutions to treat your photo damaged skin and restore your youthful glow. We warn you though, like any good and truly effective skincare treatment plan, it will take time and dedication, but the results are worth it.

We always advise our clients seeking the solution to sun damaged skin, to find their nearest COSMEDIX Pro Partner and book in for a througough skin consultation, to determine a plan of action that includes professional treatments and a skincare prescription to use at home to boost results and make things happen that bit quicker!

                                             COSMEDIX UK Photodamage Skin BeforeCOSMEDIX UK Photodamage Skin Before

Before & After example of Photodamaged Skin which was treated with COSMEDIX professional peels and prescribed skincare routine

COSMEDIX Timeless Peel for Premature Ageing

COSMEDIX Timeless Peel is our Gold Standard for treating sun damaged, hyper pigmented skin that is showing signs of premature ageing. It is part of the COSMEDIX Tomorrow Peels collection, that requires your skin to be prepped at least two weeks ahead of your treatment, with specific COSMEDIX products that ensure your skin tolerates the highly active ingredients contained in the peel. These ingredients include , Vitamin A in the form of encapsulated Retinol AGP (40%) and L-Lactic Acid (20%) that works to completely resurface and remodel your skin. Even though this treatment is advanced, you will experience very little if no irritation and only slight skin shedding a couple of days after your treatment. The results are amazing and a course of these peels over a number of months, will have a serious impact on your sun damaged skin. To find a COSMEDIX Skin Expert in the UK use are handy search function here. 

What COSMEDIX products Treat Sun Damaged Skin?

While it is always best to seek the advise of one or our Pro Partners who can recommend products tailored to your individual skin needs, there are number of products in a range that have shown amazing results when used to treat photo damaged skin.

Two of these products are our Defy Triple Hydroxy Acid Age Management Exfoliator and our Cell ID Nutritive Serum. 

COSMEDIX Defy Premature Ageing COSMEDIX Defy Exfoliator: this all natural exfoliator contains L-Lactic, L-Malic and L-Tartaric Hydroxy Acids that work to deeply, yet gently exfoliate your skin and deliver anti-oxidant protection, deep within your skin. Defy is excellent for sun damaged, prematurely ageing skin as it will gently resurface and strengthen your skin.

Cell ID Sun Damaged Skin

COSMEDIX Cell ID Serum: this super powered serum contains epidermal growth factors, amino acids, antioxidants and mitochondria extract that will work to minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and photo damage.

We recommend using these products together to really supercharge your results. Try using Defy at night  (about 2-3 times a week) and follow with Cell ID. It will really help the serum reach deeper within your skins layers, to tackle all the signs of sun damaged/ prematurely ageing skin.

You can purchase this super duo via our online store and for the month of October we are offering 15% off the cost of these products when purchased together. Available only while stocks last this powerful skin treatment combination will change your skin and help in your journey to reverse the skin ageing effects of over exposure to the sun!

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