Sunburn Recovery: Heal Sun Damage Overnight

Although it’s fun to relax in the sun, it’s also easy to overdo it and get burned.  A sunburn, no matter how faint, is evidence of sun damage. The good news is, you can begin easing the pain and redness of a sunburn right away. These products will treat sun damage and help your skin repair itself.

Get clean

Clean skin is the essential first step to take. Now, you may be thinking “shouldn’t I slather on some cream to first?” Although creams have their place, it’s crucial to clear the skin of dirt and debris before applying any healing salves. That way, the creams can penetrate the deeper layers of skin and promote healing from within. Benefit Clean is a multi-purpose cleanser that gently removes debris and environmental impurities from even the most sensitive skin types. It gets deep down into your pores so your healing creams can get to work. Follow with a balancing toner to prep your skin and help your serums absorb deep down.  Benefit Balance Antioxidant Toner contains chamomile, aloe vera and shea butter to soothe and hydrate the skin. It also contains antioxidants to protect the skin from further damage.

Apply healing creams and salves

After a thorough cleansing, you’re ready to begin helping your skin heal. The key is to apply anti-inflammatory ingredients that calm redness and irritation as well as antioxidants that protect it from further damage. Rescue+ is a concentrated balm that calms inflamed skin and accelerates the healing process. In addition to reducing redness and irritation, it also contains healing ingredients, including shea butter. Apply it as needed or use it as a mask. CPR Skin Recovery Serum is formulated with vitamins and antioxidants to calm, protect and restore skin. The formula soothes the skin within minutes and within a few weeks, you’ll notice healthier, stronger skin. heal sun damage skin overnight

Protect your skin

The best way to protect your skin from further damage, is to apply an SPF daily and to wear a hat. The SPF will protect your skin from harmful UV radiation and a hat provides a barrier against further sun damage. Apply a lightweight, non-greasy moisturiser with SPF such as Hydrate+. The formula contains ZinClear technology that provides physical sunscreen without the awkward white cast. The Sensitive Skin 4-Piece Essential Kit contains generous travel-sized portions of Benefit Clean, Rescue+ balm, CPR Serum as well as Hydrate+ SPF 17 to help you soothe and protect sensitive skin. Pack it in your weekend bag if you’re planning a holiday in a sunny locale.

Learn how to protect your skin

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