Skincare Products for Men: How Men’s Skin Differs from Women’s and How to Treat it

Women aren't the only ones concerned with healthy skin. Although men want to improve their complexions, they may not know where to begin. Since men and women have different skincare concerns, swiping the lotions and creams their wives, girlfriends or friends use often isn't helpful. The right skincare products for men are intended to address their unique concerns so they can have a healthy complexion, too.

What makes men's skin different?

If it appears as if men's skin is thicker than women’s, there is. It’s 25 percent thicker than women’s because of the hormone testosterone. As men age, their skin gradually loses thickness. Although both genders lose one percent of collagen every year after age 30, since men have a higher density of collagen than women, wrinkles are less noticeable on men than women. Skincare products for men use this difference to focus less on anti-aging benefits and more on creating a clear, smooth complexion.
From the start of puberty, men begin to sweat more; up to twice as often as women. Since men’s perspiration contains more lactic acid than women, their sweat has a lower PH level. Lactic acid is essential for tissue hydration. Every time they sweat, they’re hydrating their skin. Skincare products for men are formulated to regulate moisture and ensure skin remains well-hydrated.
The bad news is the increased sebum production during puberty make men more susceptible to longer lasting acne. Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands, which in men have more positive receptors for androgens. Androgens may cause the increase in sebum production. Similarly, men who suffer from Rosacea may also have a condition called Rhinophyma, which causes redness and swelling of the skin on the nose. Since spots can pop up at any age, skincare products for men help regulate sebum production and keep breakouts at bay.
Facial Hair
Shaving can take a toll on men’s skin, especially for men who shave daily. Although the shaving process exfoliates the top layer of skin to reveal a younger complexion, when men shave in a hurry, other conditions arise, including razor burn and ingrown hairs. men's skin is different from women's Razor burn is a rash that often features infected pimples or blisters. Not only is it itchy, but severe cases can last several days. Ingrown hairs are often hairs that have curled back into the skin; however, it’s also caused by dead skin that clogs the hair follicle so the hair grows sideways instead of upward. In most cases, an ingrown hair is a small red bump that causes irritation. In more severe cases, it can form a painful boil that requires the attention of a doctor. Avoid razor burn with a proper shave 1. Saturate the hair and let it absorb the moisture. 2. Apply a good quality shaving cream to your face with a shaving brush and leave for one minute, minimum. 3. Use a quality razor blade to shave in the direction of beard growth to prevent ingrown hairs.

Healing treatments for men’s skin

Improve skin's health and vitality with high-quality skincare products for men that repair damage and reveal healthier skin. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with CosMedix Clarity Serum. The Serum’s formula harnesses the power of nature to reduce breakouts and diminish the appearance of scarring. It also helps regulate sebum production, a uniquely male skin concern. If razor burn is a concern, Clarity Serum also touts anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties. CosMedix Clarity Serum is part of the Combination Skin 4-Piece Essential Kit. The kit also contains Purity Clean exfoliating cleanser; Define, a Retinol-based alpha-hydroxy complex cream, and Mystic hydrating facial mist. The products in the kit are formulated to create a balanced and hydrated complexion. Treat yourself to an in-office treatment with the CosMedix Purity Peel. This gentle treatment unclogs pores and improves the look, texture, and health of men’s skin. Although it’s ideal for those with acne-prone skin, men with many skin concerns will benefit from this treatment. In clinical testing, over 95 percent of people reported clearer skin and fewer, less severe breakouts in just four weeks!

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