Shine Less: How to Get Shine Under Control

It happens to all of us at one time or another: Our complexions appear more greasy and shiny than radiant and glowing. Men and women alike complain their skin is shinier than they would like, even if they don’t have oily skin. What’s a person to do to cultivate a complexion that’s more ‘healthy glow’ and less “oil slick”?

Why is my skin shiny?

Often, shiny skin is due to the skin producing excess sebum. This is a tell-tale sign of oily skin. A professional can assess whether your skin is oily or not. If your skin isn’t oily, shininess may be caused by other factors, such as excess sweat, which may have a hormonal, medical or environmental basis; or over-exfoliation. Yes, you can love your skin a little too much. If your skin feels tight, you may have over-exfoliated your skin. Exfoliation is important to reveal a healthy glow; however, if you do it too much, it can impact your skin’s natural moisture barrier, remove your skin’s natural oils and cause skin tightness. This also gives the appearance of shiny skin. shineless cosmedixuk

Reduce shine

The trick for reducing shine is to use the right combination of products that boost the health of your skin.
If you’ve been over-exfoliating, reduce the how often you use these products each week. Also, assess which products you’re using to exfoliate. If you’re using abrasive scrubs and cleansing brushes, reduce your use of them dramatically. Instead, once a week use a gentle exfoliating mask, which is less abrasive to the skin than harsh scrubs and brushes. CosMedix Detox Activated Charcoal Mask gently removes all the dirt and grime that build up in the pores during the week. It cleanses away pollutants and helps cultivate a brighter, clearer complexion. Since men tend to have larger pores than women, their pores tend to become congested. The Detox mask removes this congestion to reveal healthier skin. It’s also perfect for sensitive skin as well. Since men are also more prone to acne, the CosMedix Clear Deep Cleansing Mask removes impurities from the pores and balances oil production. The mask also improves the skin’s texture and reduces inflammation and redness. It’s ideal for both normal and acne-prone skin. If your skin is oily, CosMedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser can be used as a cleanser and a mask. Since men’s skin tends to be oilier than women’s, men should use a cleanser that can gently remove impurities from the pores without impacting the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Additionally, Purity Clean eliminates clogged pores and smooths the skin for shaving. Apply it to your skin a few minutes before you begin to shave for maximum benefit.
Control oil
To control shine, it’s important to control oil. But, that doesn’t mean you skip the moisturiser. In fact, oily skin still needs moisture; it needs the right kind of moisture. CosMedix Clarity Serum reduces sebum and re-balances hormone levels. Excess testosterone causes oiliness. The serum reduces inflammation, is antibacterial and stimulates cell turnover and collagen production.  Use the serum whether you have frequent breakouts or to prevent spots from occurring. Since oily skin needs moisture too, CosMedix Shineless Moisturiser was developed to provide oil-free moisture to oily and acne-prone skin. In addition to reducing shine, it also helps to firm and smooth the skin for a brighter, more youthful appearance. Follow up your daily moisturiser with CosMedix Mystic Hydrating Treatment, a light-weight, non-greasy hydrating spray that taps into the skin’s own natural moisture to create the ever-elusive glow. Ideal for all skin types, the spray also prevents premature aging and can be used in-between shaves or to help moisturise the skin of men with beards.
Reduce signs of aging
Healthy glowing skin has the appearance of youth. Vitamin A is the key nutrient to help increase cell turnover and regulate excess sebum. Reduce the signs of aging by incorporating CosMedix Define Vitamin A Resurfacing Treatment into your evening skincare regimen. Define boosts cellular renewal and increases the production of collagen. Although men have thicker skin than women and are less likely to show the signs of aging, it’s still important to restore the collagen that’s naturally lost as we age. The treatment is full of AHAs, which allow for better hydration and absorption of the Retinol AGP Complex, a vitamin A derivative. When used regularly, Define helps the skin renew its natural moisture barrier and lock in moisture to help foster a healthy glow. Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with CosMedix Reflect SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen. This lightweight, oil-free formula is non-irritating and offers UV protection to all skin types.
Use a kit designed for your skin
The Combination Skin 4-Piece Essential Kit contains Purity Clean exfoliating cleanser; Define, a Retinol-based alpha-hydroxy complex cream, and Mystic hydrating facial mist. The products in the kit are formulated to create a balanced and hydrated complexion that glows with health, not shines with oil. Shineless ways to make your skin less oily A healthy glow is possible with the right skincare products that keep acne and excess oil at bay. Try these products for a few weeks and begin to see the results.  

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