New Product Launch: AnteAge Lash Serum

Are your lashes looking sparse? If you’ve dreamed of thick, luscious lashes, your journey starts here. We’re excited to launch a hot new product to our website,  AnteAGE® MD Lash Growth Serum.

AnteAGE Lash Growth Serum is a serum that works overnight. It contains twelve different hair growth factors that stimulate growth from dormant lash follicles and keep lash hair in the growth phase for longer. As a result, your own lashes grow longer and lusher. 

AnteAge Lash Growth

This serum is an alternative to the prescription Latisse®  and contains nourishing ingredients, including peptides, hyaluronic acid, and biotin. It won’t cause eye irritation and is free from parabens, prostaglandin, PEGs and fragrances. 

AnteAge Overnight Lash Serum from Medico Beauty Institute on Vimeo.

Apply it twice a day for best results. In the first month, you’ll notice the volume of your lashes will increase. In the second month, the length of your lashes will increase. Each tube lasts two months. 


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