Multipurpose Skincare: Get More Out of Your Cleansers

Did you know your skin cleanser can do more than just remove dirt and impurities from your pores? It’s true. You may be able to use your cleanser as a facial mask or to clean your makeup brushes. Use your favorite cleansing product for more than one purpose.

Maximize deep cleansing benefits

Ideal for oily or acne-prone skin,  Purity Clean gently exfoliates the top layers of the skin to improve texture. The cleanser not only removes impurities and excess oil, it dissolves deep down debris. Skin appears balanced and radiant and acne scars and hyperpigmentation become less noticeable. In addition to using it in the morning and at night as part of your regular skincare routine, apply it to dry skin for up to 10 minutes to maximize exfoliation and deep cleansing benefits.

Clean your skin and your makeup brushes

Purity Solution, a nutrient-rich cleansing oil, gently removes dirt, oil and impurities without removing essential moisture. It contains argan, olive and moringa oils that soothe skin and make skin appear more radiant. It also contains neem leaf extract to reduce redness and irritation. This powerful cleanser fights free radicals, helps skin maintain moisture levels and soothes inflammation. Use it alone or in conjunction with another cleanser, such as Purity Clean, in the evening as part of your double cleansing regimen. Since Purity Solution dissolves makeup and sunscreen, use it to also clean your makeup brushes to ensure you don’t spread dirt or bacteria. Another skincare cleanser that does double-duty as a facial cleanser and a makeup brush cleaner is Benefit Clean. A light, foaming antioxidant-rich cleanser removes dirt, oil and impurities from the skin while gently hydrating it. Ideal for sensitive skin, it’s also gentle enough to use after receiving in-office treatments. Benefit Clean leaves skin feeling firm and refreshed. Use it day and night as part of your normal cleansing routine, as the first step in your double cleansing process or to clean your makeup brushes.

Get more out of your favorite cleanser

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