At-Home Microneedling: What is it and how can it help you revitalize your skin?

One of the hottest trends in at-home skincare, microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure shown to rejuvenate skin. The procedure stimulates the production of collagen and even improves the absorption of your favourite products. During the skin’s healing process, it helps reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and acne scars.
What’s Microneedling?
Microneedling uses a roller tool with tiny needles to create small puncture wounds in the top layer of the dermis. Although it sounds painful, if done properly it can be painless. These tiny punctures signal the body to begin its natural healing process. In addition to stimulating rapid cell turnover, the body boosts the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen production is essential for attaining youthful, healthy glow. As we age, our bodies naturally begin to produce less collagen. Reduced collagen means more noticeable lines and wrinkles. By signaling the body to produce more collagen, microneedling allows the body to fight the signs of aging. If you want to learn more about the microneedling process and how to safely do it at home, watch the video below.
Reverse the signs of aging
After a few sessions, you’ll notice fewer fine lines and deep wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth. Since the recovery time is minimal, you may use it as an anti-aging treatment and maintain a youthful complexion.
Repair skin conditions
The microneedling procedure not only reverses the signs of aging, it also reduces the appearance of acne scars. Similar to popular laser treatments, microneedling prompts the body to heal itself. However, microneedling has fewer side effects and can be tolerated by more people. It also reverses the hyperpigmentation and discolouration caused by sun damage. It creates a smoother, more even complexion; as if you’ve always covered up on holiday. reverse the signs of aging with micro needling
Get more out of your beauty products
The effectiveness of your daily skincare products relies on the skin’s ability to absorb them. Microneedling dramatically improves the absorption rate of your skin care products. The active ingredients can travel down the tiny punctures created during the procedure and penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.
Products to use after your microneedling procedure
The right products not only help maintain the results of the microneedling procedure, they also nurture the skin to keep lines and hyperpigmentation at bay.   CosMedix Define is an anti-aging cream that also contains soothing alpha hydroxy acids. It gently exfoliates and reduces the appearance of imperfections while allowing the retinol to penetrate the deeper levels of the skin. Additionally, it stimulates collagen production, which helps you enjoy your results longer. Another product to add to your skincare routine is CosMedix Serum 16. A rapid renewal serum contains a microencapsulated retinol complex to reverse the signs of aging. Ideal for most skin types, the formula also contains Vitamin E to help soothe skin and help it retain moisture.
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