Introducing AnteAGE, Your New Favorite Skincare Brand

Skincare technology is always evolving. At the forefront of this evolution is AnteAGEⓇ, a line of skincare products that use growth factors derived from human bone marrow stem cells to reverse the signs of ageing.
The AnteAGE Skincare System includes a duo of products, serum and accelerator. When used together, these products harness innovative stem cell technology to improve the health and appearance of skin. AnteAGE not only addresses the signs of ageing, and the System will improve damaged skin affected by redness and breakouts as well.

What are growth factors?

Stem cell technology is the latest innovation in skin care.The technology that AnteAGE uses has been published in several peer-reviewed medical journals.

AnteAGE contains growth factors and Cytokines, which are derived from human bone marrow stem cells. These ingredients boost the skin’s ability to heal, particularly from injury and environmental exposure. They penetrate deep into the skin’s cells for maximum benefit.

What is a skin injury?

As we age, our skin takes longer to heal. Whereas a sunburn may heal and disappear within a day when you’re 15, it can take much longer to heal at 40 or 50. Microinjuries from the sun and environment take their toll over time, and that can dull your skin’s radiant glow. Stem cells boost the skin’s ability to heal by “looking” for areas that need healing and going right to the sight. Although we start life with an abundant supply of stem cells, by the age of 50, only two percent remain.

Who should use AnteAGE and AnteAGE MD?

In short, everyone. The AnteAGE system is beneficial for all skin problems and types. In fact, it is clinically proven to improve the health and vitality of skin’s tone and texture in 5 weeks.

The scientists behind AnteAGE grow the healing stem cells in a lab for use in the skincare products. Although the science is new, it’s proven, and has been tested and refined over time. Once you begin using the AnteAGE system the powerful ingredients get to work healing and restoring your skin.

Both AnteAGE and AnteAGE MD contain these growth factors. However, AnteAGE MD contains twice the amount of Cytokines. Additionally, it contains 21 ingredients associated with reversing ageing and inflammation, while boosting the healing process.

What’s in it?

The serum contains growth factors and Cytokines, as well as niacinamide, and carnosine. The Accelerator contains growth factors and Cytokines, as well as ceramides, phospholipids, bakuchiol, which is similar to retinol; vitamins B5, C and E, and Coenzyme Q10, among other healing ingredients. All of these ingredients improve the skin’s ability to heal and help rejuvenate it from the inside out.


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Where can you purchase AnteAGE?

AnteAGE MD is used under the supervision of a certified professional and is available for purchase here. Products include the AnteAGE Home Micro-needling System, AnteAGE Facial Kit, AnteAGE Lash Growth Serum, and the AnteAGE MD Serum & Accelerator Kit in regular and travel sizes.

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