In Conversation with Advanced Skincare Expert, Diana Augustini

We’re talking to the experts to learn more about the advanced beauty products and techniques they use in their professional skincare practice. These skincare leaders not only talk the talk, but they also walk it, too! They help clients look and feel their best and believe that well-being is greatly improved by taking an inside-out approach. Today, we’re chatting with Diana Augustini.

Diana Augustini is a sought-after skincare expert and brow artist. She began her career in New York City in top salons and spas, earning accolades from Time Out New York Magazine and New York Magazine. Currently, she offers a variety of facial and laser treatments at Meliór’s Harley Street clinic in London.

Medico Beauty: Self-care is becoming a new buzz word. Often clients feel they lack enough time for themselves. What advice do you have for getting started?

My advice is always to start off slowly and to not put pressure on yourself, maybe start by incorporating a little facial massage (or gua sha) with an oil cleanser at night or put on a mask in the morning while brushing your teeth. I think once you start to feel the benefit of taking the time out for yourself then you’re able to see what can be incorporated into daily routines.

Medico Beauty: What is your favourite wellness ritual?

Meditation! I find it difficult to slow down naturally so meditation allows for me to take a moment.

Medico Beauty: How do you recover after a stressful day or in the moment of a serious meltdown?

Breath is key for me, I was taught Pranayama yoga breathing by a friend years ago and that really helps me.

Medico Beauty: What personal achievement are you most proud of?

My ability to just go for something. I am always willing to try something new.

Medico Beauty: What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Don’t compare yourself to anyone! You are unique and fierce!

Medico Beauty: How did you get started in the field of Advanced Skin Health and Wellness?

I struggled with my own skin. I started getting cystic acne from the age of 14. It was through my own personal journey that sparked my interest to do more with that experience and help others with their own skin.

Medico Beauty: What single discovery do you believe has made a difference in treating skin concerns?

Making the connection with mind and body. If someone can truly connect internally then we can get to work on the skin.

Medico Beauty: What’s the best way to get started with using active ingredients?

I always advise seeing your skin consultant or esthetician/facialist as I think they can always be the most helpful in guiding you. But as a general rule, I always find a good Vitamin C serum or antioxidant serum in the morning and a gentle retinol serum at night is a great start.

Medico Beauty: Have you had any beauty or skincare disasters?

I have sensitive skin so often I can react to products and I’m always wanting to try everything! But a fun beauty disaster was putting on a mud mask as a teenager that was very popular and I literally couldn’t get it off my skin. I reacted so badly to it!

Medico Beauty: What skincare advice do you have for those on a budget or who would like to save money?

Your skincare doesn’t have to break the budget but you want to choose the right products for your skin. As a general rule, you want a good cleanser, a prescriptive serum, and a good SPF. Having a ton a single serums isn’t necessarily going to be right for you. Talk to your esthetician/facialist, they can help create the perfect routine that suits your budget. Often we spend too much on the wrong things for our skin.

Medico Beauty: Tell us about any new exciting projects you’re developing in 2019?

In the past few years, I have become obsessed with eyebrows and more importantly a natural eyebrow. Eyebrows are the fundamental structure to the face. I have always loved painting and photography and this really inspires my creative side. My clients would definitely say I am an eyebrow nerd! I’m a fully trained artist in microblading and it’s amazing to give someone back their brows or fill in their gaps.  I love giving someone a natural brow that is unique to them, and I’m looking forward to devoting 2019 to my natural brow philosophy.

Medico Beauty: How do you see advanced skin health evolving in the future?

I think we will continue to learn more about the connection between our bodies and thoughts related to skin health. Ingredients are getting so advanced, and the technology to deliver these ingredients is getting so advanced, I’m excited to see what develops.

Medico Beauty: What is your favourite face mask right now?

I have always loved sheet masks but my favourite thing right now is an at-home device called Ziip. It’s not a mask but it’s a great gadget and so good. I find it so easy to use too.

Medico Beauty: Favourite CosMedix hero product?

Oh, the Purity Solution for sure. Hands down the best cleansing oil! To learn more about Diana Augustini, visit her website or follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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