Get Glam This Holiday! Party Season Skincare Essentials

With only a few weeks left of the year, your diary is likely bursting with parties - at work, with friends, and with family. Make sure your complexion is glowing!

Make your face center stage for all the right reasons. A healthy and bright complexion is only a few products away. This party season, keep surprise spots away through cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration.

Products to add to your party season skincare routine

A hydrating cleanser with deep-cleaning power

Hydration is so critical at this time of year. One of the biggest mistakes people make, especially if they have acne-prone skin, is using a harsh cleanser that strips the skin of the moisture it needs. The result is dry, tight skin. Instead, use a deep-cleaning hydrating cleanser, like Purity Solution Deep Cleansing Oil, which removes excess oil and impurities from deep down in the pores. It’s formulated with nourishing olive, argan and moringa oils to hydrate your complexion. Clear pores and well-hydrated skin not only prevent spots; they also prepare the skin to absorb the active ingredients in the rest of the products you use.

A brightening mask

Now that your pores are clear, move on to removing the dead surface cells that stand between you and a glowing complexion. The Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask sloughs away surface cells and clears the way for a bright, even skin tone. Additionally, it boosts skin firmness and gently rejuvenates your skin's tone and texture. You'll be party season ready! Click here to download

A serum to brighten the under eyes

The stress of the season not only increases the chance of spots; it also makes you more susceptible to annoying undereye circles. The dry air, alcohol consumptions and late nights may also make any fine lines and wrinkles stand out. What can you do during your pre-party skincare routine to prevent this? Apply Eye Genius Brilliant Eye Complex treatment to your undereye area every day. Formulated with five firming peptides, light-reflective mica, and powerful moisturisers, Eye Genius brightens as it conceals and helps reduce the appearance of inflammation, dark circles, and fine lines and wrinkles.

A moisturiser for all-over lightweight hydration

A lightweight, non-greasy moisturiser is the final step of any complete party season skincare routine. Mystic Hydrating Treatment boosts skin’s natural hydration with Deuterium Oxide, which is also known as heavy water. This supports your skin’s natural moisturising factor and also protects your skin against the environmental pollution your skin faces daily. Spritz it on your face as the final step in your skincare routine before you apply your makeup. Then, spray it over your face after you’ve applied your makeup to set and rehydrate your mineral makeup products. Party season, here you come!  

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