Celebrities with Rosacea: famous red faces

The image shows the side of the face and a red rash that is lots of little spots and inflamed skin that looks like Rosacea

Do you know someone who has Rosacea? Chances are, you do. In fact, there are many celebrities with Rosacea.

In the UK as many as one in ten people are thought to develop the condition.  It's not life-threatening but it can be annoying and embarrassing for those who suffer with Rosacea, which affects over 45 million people worldwide!

Celebrities with Rosacea often find themselves in the public eye, and they deal with the condition in different ways. In this article we are going to talk about a few celebrities with Rosacea who have spoken aloud about their experience.

We all have the idea that being a "celebrity" means having flawless skin. They might indeed have more resources and time to care for their skin, but they still face skin issues.

This is just a short list of celebrities with Rosacea:

Brittany Snow Sam Smith Diane Kruger
Cameron Diaz Lisa Faulkner Renée Zellweger
Rosie O’Donnell Alex Ferguson Bill Clinton
Nina Dobrev Sofia Vergara Cynthia Nixon


Well-known red faces

While it's normal to experience some mild skin flushing linked with changes in your stress levels or heat, permanently red or flushed skin is a strong indication of Rosacea.

Let's start with some basics. 

Our bodies are made up of cells, and Rosacea affects these cells on a cellular level. 

When we experience Rosacea, our bodies become hypersensitive to both internal and external triggers. This means that an excessive amount of histamine is excreted. 

Histamine is an inflammatory signal that is produced to help defend against attack. Unfortunately, histamine also causes inflammation. This inflammation disrupts the normal function of blood flow and, over time, destroys healthy skin tissue. 

In other words, Rosacea makes our skin look inflamed and red and slowly destroys the healthy skin cells that we need for clear skin. 

Underlying inflammation can cause more permanent damage as the condition progresses and becomes more severe.

  • Lena Dunham's Rosacea started with "two lovely pink circles" on her cheeks. But later, it grew into hundreds of tiny pimple blisters from forehead to neck.
  • The two-time Oscar nominee Naomi Watts had flare-ups while shooting Netflix's "Gypsy." Watts blamed her skin issues on long, stressful days wearing heavy makeup.
  • After a backstage encounter with Oprah Winfrey, Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson joked on Instagram that her Rosacea had flared.

The image shows the four characteristics of Rosacea, number one little red spots, number two red flushing, number three persistent rash, number four underlying health problems such as hypothyroidism.

More celebrities with Rosacea

Despite its prevalence, Rosacea is often misunderstood and can be left untreated.

The condition is most common in middle-aged women with fair skin, but men can also be affected.

They tend to develop more severe symptoms of Rosacea, such as Rhinophyma, a condition that causes the nose to become swollen and bulbous. The likely reason for this discrepancy is that women are more likely to seek treatment much earlier.

Ignoring this condition might have serious effects.

This is an A-list of three well-known celebrities with Rosacea:

Celebs with Rosacea: Renée Zellweger  

The photograph shows Hollywood Actress, Renée Zellweger, photographed at film premiers throughout the last twenty years.

People with Rosacea often have very sensitive skin that can react easily to a number of different triggers.

  • In the movie Bridget Jones's Diary, we see this play out in a few different scenes.The actress plays the leading character who is notoriously famous for enjoying a glass of Chardonnay wine.  She also does several vodka shots, which are a major troublemaker for people with Rosacea since it can make their skin even more prone to permanent flushing. 
  • In one scene, Renée is working out, and her face turns bright red after exercise. 
  • On another occasion, her skin becomes visibly flushed when outdoors in the snow.  
The actress Renée Zellweger as the character Bridget Jones has visible flushed cheeks.

If you look closely, you'll see many broken capillaries in her nose crease and on her cheeks; this is a common sign of Rosacea.

We don't know if her genes or immune system are involved, but Renée's skin is clearly sensitive to external aggressors.

Rosacea triggers are unique to each person. 

So, what causes Renée's Rosacea may or may not cause yours.

Presidents with Rosacea: Bill Clinton

The image shows three photographs of the American ex President Bill Clinton face over a decade. In each photograph redness is visible.

The 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001 wasn't blushing during his sex scandal. But he suffered from recurring flare-ups triggered by stress throughout his presidential term.

Stress is the second most prevalent cause of Rosacea after sun exposure.

Actually, Bill Clinton’s face redness is the most excellent illustration of the Rosacea condition.

As we said, it affects males more severely than women.

Bill Clinton has all the classic signs of the condition: rosy skin, raised red bumps, and broken blood vessels (telangiectasias).

Some experts speculate that the ex-president's nose thickening may have resulted from his Rosacea.

He also has redness, dryness, and irritated eyes, another Rosacea symptom.

At least 16 million people in the United States are thought to have Rosacea in some shape or form.

Due to individuals attempting to manage it without professional supervision, it is usually undertreated.

That's why many people who have it mistakenly believe that they have sensitive skin.

Rosacea is induced by factors that increase blood flow to the face, such as sunshine, spicy meals, alcohol, and physical activity.

Bill Clinton has been eating primarily vegan for over a decade to deal with his Rosacea.

Don't miss out on our following guide. We will show you how to identify your Rosacea type and give you many tips to deal with this condition.

Celebrities with Rosacea: Cynthia Nixon

The images shows three photographs of Cynthia Nixon over the decades. In each image the skin appears slightly flushed.

Rosacea is more frequent in women between 40 and 60.

Cynthia's skin issues began in her early 40s when she broke out in angry red spots all over her face.

Like many other people, Cynthia treated her rosacea symptoms as if they were Acne. She was using harsh, astringent creams that just made the condition worse.

It wasn't until she finally consulted a dermatologist that she realised she had Rosacea.

As part of her efforts to raise awareness and encourage other women, Cynthia collaborates with the American National Rosacea Society.

Here are some of Cynthia's suggestions:

  1. Get a correct diagnosis. If you have facial redness, breakouts, or visible blood vessels, see a specialist to determine if you have Rosacea.
  2. The condition is a vascular disorder. The more aggressively you treat your skin, the more your blood vessels get irritated, causing redness and outbreaks. Avoid using harsh cleansers, acids and scrubs.
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine, which both dehydrate the body, and drink a minimum of 2.5 litres of water daily.
  4. Pamper your skin with skincare that has the correct pH of less than 5 
  5. Avoid using a double-layer foundation, which interferes with the function of a healthy skin barrier.

Want to know your triggers? Download  our Rosacea diary here 

The image shows a hand holding a pen above a diary. Click to download a free copy of the Rosacea Skin and Triggers Diary

The image shows the front cover of the Rosacea Skin Triggers Journal

Celebrities with Rosacea seem to have it under control. How about mine?

Some people have symptoms for a few weeks, while others experience them for many months.

Learn about the 10 most common causes of Rosacea here 

Rosacea has no cure. But while it doesn't go away, treatment can help control it.

You can avoid flares if you know what triggers them.

You don't need to face the red carpet to get your facial redness under control

Rosacea can't be diagnosed with a specific medical test.

If you’re living with facial redness, we understand how frustrating it can be. You don’t have to face the red carpet alone – our team of experts are here to help. Complete the online Skin Check  and download our Rosacea Triggers Diary to start tracking your symptoms. This will help us create a personalised homecare plan for you that gets your facial redness under control. Don’t suffer in silence – get in touch today for expert advice and support. 


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