Before & After: How to Treat Adult Acne and Heal its Scars

After many years of acne breakouts resulting in facial scarring Michelle’s confidence had been knocked. She had visited her doctors and tried several high street branded products to no avail. Luckily after some online research, Michelle came across CosMedix products and treatments and the amazing feedback customers were giving them. Michelle contacted her nearest CosMedix skincare expert Chloe at Saks West Bridgford who was on hand to discuss the best route forward. During the initial consultation Chloe could see that Michelle's skin had been scarred by outbreaks of acne a common skin complaint especially amongst women, Chloe put together a schedule of CosMedix treatments and products to help give Michelle back her confidence.

What is adult acne?

Adult acne is a fairly common skin complaint, in fact, 35% of women in their 30’s have reported problems with breakouts. Although not usually harmful it can be a serious cosmetic concern for many people.

So what is the cause of acne? Well, your skin produces a greasy secretion from the sebaceous glands which can plug the tiny opening for hair follicles resulting in either a whitehead or a blackhead. Blackheads are small flat spots with dark centers and occur if the openings are large. Whiteheads are small flesh coloured bumps when the openings are small. Both can cause inflammation, pimples and sometimes deeper lumps or nodules. When these nodules become tender and inflamed this results in the more severe cases of acne called cystic acne.

Women tend to get acne more than men and this could be because one of the main causes of a breakout is fluctuating hormones around menstruation, pregnancy or menopause. Another possible cause of acne is stress. When we are stressed, our bodies produce a hormone called androgens which stimulates hair glands and oil glands in the skin. Michelle was right to go to her doctor as they can also check for any underlying medical problems which can cause acne breakouts.

Why does acne scar our skin?

Scars are part of our body's natural healing process and most wounds apart from very minor ones will result in some form of scarring. Scars form when the dermis which is a deep thick layer of skin forms new collagen fibres to mend damage in the skin. The new scar tissue will have a different texture to the surrounding skin and there are different kinds of scars. Acne scars are often sunken and pitted because of the collagen loss from intense inflammation. To avoid serious scarring, try to avoid picking or touching your face during an outbreak as this causes pus and bacteria to filter further into the skin causing more collagen damage. If you do suffer serious scarring from adult acne there are a number of different options including laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and fractional laser therapy. However, a good skincare expert may also be able to help recommend the right treatments and products. Facial acne scars can be a very frustrating skin problem and can take time and patience to treat. However, a good dermatologist can usually help by recommending an effective treatment plan just like in Michelle's case.

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Feedback - Michelle

Michelle loves the results of her CosMedix treatments and products. She now has the confidence to wear natural minimal makeup now and stresses much less about her skin. Michelle not only has confidence in her skin but confidence in the CosMedix products she uses - ‘They are amazing products and so easy to use.’ She also takes vitamin D3 tablets as well as Omega 369 supplements - healthy skin starts with a healthy diet. Michelle also always ensures she drinks at least two litres of water a day. The photos really speak for themselves - not only does Michelle’s skin look great but she looks happy and confident.

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