Autumn Skincare Swap: How to Change Your Regimen With The Seasons

Autumn is here, which means one thing: it’s time to switch up your skincare routine.

Although you may have a few treatments and masks you use year-round, you may not want to use the same products in the autumn and winter as you do in the spring and summer. Why? The weather and environmental influences can wreak havoc on your skin. For example, in the summer, you may wish to control excess oil, whereas, in the winter, you may struggle to keep your skin properly moisturised. We’ve created a helpful list of switch-outs to make this season.

Cleanser: Replace Purity Clean with Benefit Clean

Benefit Clean is a mild, gentle cleanser formulated to cleanse dry skin. Although your skin may not be dry per se, the colder temperatures and chilly winds are sure to make your skin drier than normal. Benefit Clean removes dirt and debris without removing essential moisture from your skin. Since it’s brimming with antioxidants, your skin will feel clean, nourished and protected from the elements.

Serum: Add CPR Serum

CPR is a concentrated serum intended to Calm, Protect and Restore skin’s health and vitality. Perfect for those with normal skin or a skin concern, such as Rosacea or a chronic inflammatory skin condition, CPR delivers nutrients to the deeper layers of the dermis to strengthen skin from within. The result is a clear and more youthful complexion. skincare swaps autumn Click here to download

A.M. moisturiser: Replace Reflect Mineral Sunscreen with Hydrate+

Regardless of the season, it’s important to use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. However, in the cooler months, choose a daytime moisturiser that packs a punch of hydration. Hydrate+ is a lightweight, non-irritating daily moisturiser that delivers sun protection while it boosts your skin’s natural moisturising factor. That’s right; it works with your skin to keep it well-hydrated all season long.

P.M. moisturiser: Replace Mystic Hydrating Treatment with Emulsion Intense Hydrator

In the autumn and winter, you’ll want to replace a lightweight moisturising spray with a concentrated moisturiser that penetrates the deeper layers of skin. Emulsion contains a blend of intense hydrating ingredients, including jojoba oil and shea butter, to soothe and repair dry skin. It also nourishes and restores the natural barrier function of the skin. Use it in the evening after cleansing for long-lasting hydration.

Mask: Add Rescue+ Balm & Mask

Treat your skin once a week to Rescue+. This concentrated all-natural balm is formulated with cherry extract, willow herb, and shea butter to reduce redness and soothe skin. It also contains powerful antioxidants to heal dry and sensitive skin and help you maintain a healthy complexion.

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