5 Game-changing Skincare Trends To Watch in 2019

Beautiful, glowing skin is within reach in 2019. What skincare trends should you look out for this year?

There are lots of new skincare trends on the horizon; however, here are the top five trends that’ll create a buzz in 2019.

1. Personalised skincare

One-size-fits-all skincare just doesn’t cut it anymore. Although mass-market brands attempt to customise their products by saying a formula is ideal for dry, oily or combination skin, many people are using the wrong formula. Why? They base their choice on how they think their skin behaves, not on science.   One of the biggest skincare trends involves smart skincare diagnosis based on a 7-Point Skincare Analysis. This Analysis provides insight into your primary skin concerns. A mere look at the skin surface or touch of the skin isn’t enough to diagnose dry or oily skin. And, although the feeling of your skin after cleansing or using certain products does provide some clues about how well the skin can slow moisture loss, it doesn’t provide a full picture. A professional will use a woodslamp, a skin analysis tool that emits longwave ultraviolet light, to assess oil function and decide whether your skin is healthy or not.

What causes oily skin?

In the past, your skin’s oil levels remained consistent only changed with your hormone levels. Now, due to the growing number of ingredients used in skin care, your skin’s oil function may be severely hampered. Although a shiny face may give the impression of being oily, in reality, it could actually be dry!. We now know that oil production isn’t the only factor that contributes to dryness or breakouts. In fact, it’s only a minor consideration. This run contrary to the advice given by the manufacturers of skincare products.

So what matters? The Natural Moisture Factor

Healthy skin has a well-functioning barrier function and high levels of natural moisture factors (NMF). Your skin needs a minimum amount of natural hydration from NMFs to look and feel its best. Additionally, a professional can prioritise specific aspects of the recovery process, begin to reverse barrier damage and help your skin restore normal hydration. By using skincare that is tailored to suit your specific skin type, you’re well on your way to a glowing complexion. Future skincare trends may involve advancements in technology that make it possible to do a total digital analysis of your skin from the comfort of your home using only a smartphone. For now, meet with a professional for a seven-point skin analysis and to find the right products in the correct concentrations for you.

Product to try: Humidify

Humidify Deep Moisture Cream boosts the skin’s natural barrier function while quenching thirsty skin. Hydration is improved by 42% after just 15 days of continuous use (claims based on clinical data acquired from key ingredient manufacturers).

2. Skincare for all

The second skincare trend involves brands that provide products that suit all ethnic backgrounds, while also addressing the most common skin concerns, are gaining popularity. The products are formulated to address sensitive skin, oiliness, pigment, and hydration for a host of climates. So many people are confused by all the ingredients they can choose from - which formula or product is best for their skin type? By getting a 7-Point Skin Analysis and expert advice, you can be sure you’re using the right products for your skin; it will make all the difference! An expert can tell you how the products will interact with one another; however, this expertise is also available online as well. One tool is the Online Skin Prescription Tool here.

3. Skincare innovations

Skincare is about to become even more specialised. The latest skincare trends include products that are tailored to your unique microbiome - the unique ecosystem of good bacteria that lives on the skin’s surface -  and biological rhythms, such as your circadian rhythm and hormonal changes caused by your menstrual cycle or menopause. Although much of this technology is still a few years away from the mainstream, it’s still worth mentioning here. Why? The wider scientific community and skincare brands are working together to create formulas that work with your unique chemistry. This development is a welcome change from the past when the medical community didn’t recognise the connection between nutrition and digestive health and skin concerns such as acne and rosacea. CosMedix uses ingredients that support a healthy microbiome.

Product to try: Reboot

Reboot Overnight Hydration Complex features Lactobacillus and Coconut Extract, two probiotic ingredients that hydrate and balance the skin and improve your overall complexion. Click here to download

4. Natural skincare

Natural is a skincare trend that is here to stay. Consumers seek out skincare that is not only made from plants, vegan, and free from preservatives, they’re also looking for products that are sustainably sourced that are still effective in addressing their most common skin problems. For many manufacturers, it challenging to meet all of these criteria with raw materials. Unfortunately, climate change and increased demand make it no longer possible to find large amounts of several key ingredients. To meet demand, more investment is required to create new innovative ingredients. Luckily, investment in independent, natural, and cosmeceutical skincare brands is fueling massive growth in scientific research.   CosMedix is always seeking new sustainable sources of active ingredients. One source is organic fruit farming. Things that are normally discarded, but still rich in nutrients, such as skin, seeds, stems, leaves, unusable pulp, and even wastewater may be captured for use in skin care formulations. For example, orange peel is often used in skin lightening ingredients and essential oils; it also helps preserve the formula. In the future, more byproducts will be utilised, making synthetic ingredients more costly and less attractive to use by manufacturers.

Product to try: Benefit Clean

Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser is a gel cleanser that features grapefruit. It effectively removes deep down dirt and debris to gently clear pores and prepare the skin for creams and serums.

5. Products that treat environmental stresses

As a nation, we’re experiencing increasing amounts of stress from both internal and external sources. If you live in a city, you’re exposed to a high amount of pollution. In addition to outdoor pollution, there’s growing concern about light pollution from our computers, tablets, and smartphone screens. This light is referred to as “high energy visible light” and its effects to the skin are similar to UV radiation because of its damaging free radicals. Luckily, research has found that many indigenous plants may protect against oxidative stress and restore your healthy skin. For example, the anti-inflammatory properties found in turmeric, aloe vera and chamomile are common remedies for injured skin. Look for more skincare trends to involve using ingredients that remove pollutants and health skin of environmental damage.

Products to try: CPR Serum & the Detox Mask

CPR Skin Recovery Serum is formulated to Calm, Protect, and Restore irritated and sensitive skin. It’s full of antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful free radicals and make skin stronger. The Detox Activated Charcoal Mask removes pollution and toxins from the skin while removing impurities and exfoliating the top layer of skin. The result is a fresh, radiant complexion.

Bonus: Facial muscle relief:

There are many exciting tools available to improve skin tone and firmness just through the medium of massage. Gua Sha is gaining popularity. In this natural therapy, a tool gently scrapes the skin to improve circulation. How? The process stimulates circulation within the soft tissue to increase overall blood flow to the face. The tool also helps stretch the tissue beneath the skin to reduce facial puffiness and reduce the appearance of under-eye circles. It also relieves muscular tension in the face. For a great demonstration, check out this video from facialist Abigail James: [embed]https://youtu.be/3zBKhFCJfkk[/embed] Other tools include jade rollers and general facial massage to improve skin tone and boost circulation. Facial massage is becoming all the more important because we’re more active than ever. A full day on the phone at work often does add up to a marathon!

Product to try: Bio-Shape Firming Face Mask

In addition to Gua Sha, use the Bio-Shape Firming Face Mask to relax your facial muscles and sculpt your skin. The mask tightens and firms the skin while refining facial contours. The result is smoother, plumper skin! Goodbye fine lines and wrinkles! Clinical tests reveal the peptide Osilift in Bio-Shape improves skin tension by 64% after just two hours.

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