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Future proof your complexion with a solution to treat dryness and prevent lines. Suitable for women of all ages, if you are suffering with noticeable changes and have spotted patches of sun damage or even experiencing more stubborn pigmentation issues, such as the condition called, “Melasma,” this super DUO is also for you.

The range and concentration of actives in CosMedix formulations massively surpass what is found in regular skincare. Combing a complex of active ingredients that are formulated with the use of a purification process and unique delivery mechanisms. It’s one of the many scientific discoveries that help to make a difference to the skin’s health by improving it’s behaviour on a cellular level, far beneath the skin’s surface.

If you are seeking an intelligent approach and wish to naturally refresh dullness there are some great options to consider using. AHA’s instantly smooth the excess buildup of skin cell debris.  Defy is a high strength, sophisticated formulation, made with three different types of natural acids including; L-lactic, L-Tartaric, L-Malic.  All derived from natural sources that mirror specific receptor sites making the formulation completely, “Chirally Correct.” 

The action of Defy cream will increase the amount of hydration and it’s also safe to use in warmer climates.

A Revolutionary Approach…  

All CosMedix formulations are free from Glycolic Acid, an AHA that has a very small molecular structure that’s effective for cleaning pores but over time can create secondary problems that sensitize and lead to inflammatory skin problems. This online article provides more insight into the use of Glycolic Acid in skincare.

The Role of Hormones & Premature Ageing

Phytoharmony offers a corrective pathway that addresses common symptoms associated with dryness caused by the decline of estrogen that occurs following the menopause.  It affects skin thickness, wrinkle formation and skin moisture. Estrogens can increase glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), such as Hyaluronic Acid, to maintain fluid balance and structural integrity. They can also increase collagen production in the skin, where they maintain epidermal thickness and allow skin to remain plump, hydrated and wrinkle-free.  

The link to Balanced Hormones & Dry Skin 

There are several intrinsic factors that contribute to a lack of sebum not just hormone shifts.  Often a lack of healthy fats from sources such as seeds, nuts, fish and plants, lead to an imbalance that’s felt and seen in the skin. The presence of normal sebum levels helps ensure water is retained in the skin, which helps with supporting normal skin function, stops dryness and prevents premature ageing. 

Dry skin can be effectively addressed by taking a direct approach to rebalancing key hormones.

The results have been proven to restore healthy skin for life. 

After only 8 weeks, 90% of participants in a clinical study reported seeing reduced appearance of brown spots and discolouration. 

With every purchase of this wonder DUO SAVE -10%. You will also receive generous samples of hero products Purity Detox Scrub and Rescue + Hydrating Balm & Mask. To make this offer complete you can also avail of free shipping on this bundle to anywhere in the UK! 

Share in the experience of countless customers worldwide that are enjoying the benefits of innovative cosmetic science TODAY!

Proven Beyond Doubt 

Countless studies have proven that the effect of using AHA Complex made with L-lactic, L-Tartic and L-Malic, topically will increase the rate of cellular renewal, speeding up the production of new skin cells and pushing out the older cells that lie on the surface.

The effect of using this DUO of Phytoharmony and Defy, literally rebuilds the skin’s outer structure.  Repairing skin damage that happens from environmental exposure to Free Radicals, and UV Radiation. 

Most importantly, the use of a derivative of AHA Complex, such as L-lactic Acid, is a proven solution to helping restore a damaged barrier function.  This is an effective solution for addressing the root cause of many different conditions. Without using AHA’s the many symptoms that arise from feeling of tightness, dry skin caused by accelerated water loss and Ageing, sensitive skin, Rosacea, Melasma and stubborn Pigmentation issues will remain unchanged.

#realresults Speak Volumes 

If you are curious to see the many examples of results shared by our wonderful Certified Professional take a look at Transformation story Claire who had Melsma HERE 


Is using AHA on the Skin Safe When Working Outdoors?

Beyond the face of the skin, the gentle nature of CosMeidx AHA’s allow for this special formulation to not increase the skin’s sensitive to sunlight. This contrasts with other derivatives of AHA, such as Glycolic Acid.

Defy is safe to use by everyone, even if working outdoors. We do of course recommend wearing a sunscreen that is made with mineral and completely free from chemicals. These would include a daily application of CosMedix Reflect SPF 30 and for women wearing a mineral makeup that contains an SPF 28.

Share as a Rejuvenating Gift...

This Advanced Super Duo along with CosMedix hero samples (only available while stocks last) is an amazing gift to give to someone who values the science of great skincare and amazing results. Whether you gift it to yourself or someone else, the gift of great skin - literally is the gift that keeps on giving! 

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