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No Sweat Powder Deodorant 60g- Mojito - The Ohm Collection

Smell better and stay drier for longer.  If you suffer from excessive perspiration or body odor, we can recommend this Deodorant. This light weight powder Deo will keep you smelling sensual for hours and hours. It safely alkalises odour and helps prevent sweaty armpits.  

Experience luxurious, fine harvested ingredients that restore healthy armpits for a long-lasting freshness.  

The Ohm Blend® is made from wild crafted plants and all natural ingredients.  Essential oils are extracted using cold pressing techniques.  The whole plant is used in the process, which helps to retain antioxidants and anti-bacterial benefits. Be kinder to your armpits and restore healthy skin in the process! 

Remember a little goes a very long way. One bottle can last up to six months.  

Vegan, cruelty free and completely natural.

Free From: Aluminium Compounds, Parabens,  Propylene Glycol, DEA...

A natural, cold-pressed lime deodorant that’s fresh and entirely harmless. Alkalise so you can socialize.


Nojito offers an immediate mental boost, combining the antiseptic potency of lime essential oil with tangerine’s sweetness. Perfect for hustling through deadlines or charging up, this scent is a powerhouse when it comes to taking charge in a subtle manner. Harvested sustainably in Sri Lanka and Brazil, both fruits are cold-pressed to retain aromatic potency. If you’re looking for an enduring yet refreshing topical solution to odor, Nojito is a great ally.

Botanical names – Citrus aurantifolia & Citrus reticulate

Origins of ingredients:

Lime: Sri Lanka *Sustainably grown

Tangerine: Brazil *Sustainably grown


Apply onto clean skin. Put some powder on your fingertips and apply gently under your armpits (Do not rub). Stay fresh and smell divine all day.

Sodium Bicarbonate (Food Grade, Aluminium-Free), Fractionated Coconut Oil , Lime Oil (Certified Organic), Tangerine Oil (Certified Organic), Quartz Powder (Non Nano), Cedarwood Oil (Certified Organic), Tea Tree Oil (Certified Organic).

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