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CosMedix Elite Bene-Factor Peel

The CosMedix Elite Bene-Factor Peel is a non-wounding resurfacing treatment that stimulates skin renewal, leaving you with a healthy, luminous complexion. It helps to soften, exfoliates and stimulates while lightening, brightening and repairing damaged skin. The Bene-Factor Peel also infuses the skin with fruit extracts, antioxidants and was the first peel in the industry to contain a growth factor. The CosMedix Elite Bene-Factor Peel is a mild resurfacing treatment suitable for all skin types and can help to treat acne, ageing skin, photo-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation and discolouration. Surprisingly gentle, this resurfacing peel can be use to prep the skin for stronger treatments such as the Timeless Rx Peel or Laser skin rejuvenation if needed.

CosMedix Elite Bene-Factor Peel Benefits

  • Stimulates cellular renewal
  • Brightens appearance of pigmentation
  • Metabolic dermal infusion peel with growth factors
  • Potent blend of AHA s and antioxidants

CosMedix Elite Bene-Factor Peel Ingredients

  • L-Lactic Acid 25% - Natural moisturizing Chirally correct exfoliant stimulates change in the skin without irritation, an ideal choice ingredient for all skin types and conditions.
  • L-Malic Acid 2% - Chiral Alpha Hydroxy Acid from apples to assist with exfoliation.
  • Pineapple & Guava Enzymes - Natural exfoliating benefits of enzymes to dissolve bonds holding skin cells together.
  • Blueberry and Cherry Extracts - Fruit extracts for antioxidant benefit.
  • Glycine Soja - Derived from soybean amino acids and is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. It helps defend against skin aging by inhibiting skin matrix breakdown.

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