At Medico Beauty, we provide professional skincare products and services to help your clients and followers look and feel their best.

We understand that skincare is more than just a luxury - it's an essential part of overall health and wellbeing. That's why we're dedicated to providing aesthetic professionals with the highest quality skincare products and services.

From bespoke skincare solutions to advanced skincare treatments, we offer a comprehensive range of services that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. With our help, you can create a skincare regime that is both effective and efficient, making it easy to achieve your desired results.

So whether you're looking to improve the return from sales or simply want to provide your clients with the best possible skincare experience, we can help you reach your goals.

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Training & Certification in CosMedix

Step by step remote learning

Sometimes the most important aspect of the Skin Analysis is what you can't see.

Within the Medico Beauty Method, we offer a framework for identifying the main concern so that it can be resolved more efficiently without any unnecessary hurdles along the way!

Complete the online module in the 7-Point Skin Analysis & Consultation to learn how these questions and tips on examination techniques that will elevate your services and inspire patients to invest in treatments.

It's no secret that skincare can be mind-boggling

In today's global skincare market, consumers need the help of a Professional

The "Reactive" Skincare Market


Clients are overwhelmed with the choice of skincare products to use and are often stuck in a rut with their routines. They may also not realise what healthy skin looks and feels like.


Since 2019, a new segment of consumers has also emerged. The "skintellectual," purchases are influenced by information from various sources such as social media, forums and YouTube.


Professionals are navigating a melting pot of expectations, mis-information and a bias towards using the latest trending skincare products which doesn't solve the skin concern that the client is faced with.

Client and patient education is an undertaking that involves time, resources and patience!

However, your professional time is of the ESSENCE

Pro-Active Skincare Solutions

CosMedix Treatment Systems provides bespoke regimens for all cosmetic skin concerns. No guess work needed.

Advanced Skincare Solutions

Since the early 2000's CosMedix has been pioneering simplified treatment pathways.


Skin Conditioning is the first step in the process. The function of all immune cells are normalised and includes the production of pigment in the skin.


Skin Correction explains the stimulating and renewal functions that are triggered throughout the skin from top to bottom, restoring a healthy barrier.


Maintenance and Prevention are the criteria by which we determine how long a person should remain using active ingredients for.

The process of achieving healthy skin isn't meant to be rocket science!

Common Sense + Science = Effective Solutions

Case Studies

Read our portfolio of cases on the online blog, 'Skin Tips"

The CosMedix System uses a technology that purifies active ingredients on a cellular level. This Nobel Prize Winning chemistry called, "Chiral Correction" uses a selection process that helps to identify what portion of the molecule is optimal for communication. Effectively reducing any side effects and reducing inflammation.

Our Professional Partners

"Medico Beauty is integral to me incorporating a holistic and nutritional aspect to my Aesthetic Practice."

- Dr. Alison Warner, GP & Aesthetic Practitioner



"The treatment method has never let me down, even when addressing challenging problems like Melasma."

- Nicola Mark, Expert Therapist & Owner Saks Beauty, Gosforth

CosMedix is also partnered with the professional platform called, Get Harley. They provide the dispatch of CosMedix and Elite homecare to patients in a personalised mailbox.

The platform includes an intake form and other helpful functions. Your clients will automatically receive personalised instructions on how to use their homecare plan and reminders of when to restock items. The administration team at Get Harley provide additional customer service support and also handles payments. Professionals earn 60% commission on the sale of all items which is paid on a monthly basis. There is a set up fee of £50.00 and you can register directly online.


  • Increase returns at a minimum cost
  • Save time on replying to questions
  • Automate re-stocking
  • Use online intake form

The Team

Constance Campion-Awwad

Founder & Director

With over three decades of experience, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and Analyst, Constance is an expert and pioneer in wellness, age management and medical aesthetic practice. She co-established a non-surgical, medical aesthetic service in 1989, within a distinguished plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery practice, Plastic Surgery Associates UK, based at the Bupa Cromwell Hospital. Where she continues to specialise in using advanced nonsurgical procedures for the face. In 2018, Constance received The Safety In Beauty® Cosmetic Nurses Of the Year Award and she contributes to education within the healthcare settings (both offline AND online). You can find her presenting at meetings across England, talking about advanced skin health restoration (ASHR) topics too! She remains the London Regional Leader of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN). Follow @skincop on Instagram.

Aysha Campion-Awwad

Managing Director

Aysha has spent the last fifteen years managing the delivery of training and sales through e-commerce. She supports Medico's professional partners in creating ground breaking skin clinics, consulting them on their levels of ASHR services, from successfully incorporating results driven facial treatments to full body services that help address a person’s whole appearance and health. Having spent several years carrying out ASHA treatments she is also a qualified Aesthetician. Aysha is very ingredient savvy and strictly uses only naturally sourced actives, that are purified using Noble Prize winning chemistry called “Chiral Correction.” She is a keen advocate of taking a mindful approach to wellbeing and can often be found learning a new sport or adopting a health trend all in the name of research! Follow on Instagram

Kelly Webb

Customer Care & Order Processing

Kelly is our go-to person for any questions you might have about Medico Beauty orders. She's knowledgeable and will do everything in her power to answer your question as quickly and efficiently as possible! She supports the smooth operation between customers and our logistics partners by handling any requirement that arises in stock deliveries while also finding information on product queries when necessary.

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