Luna Pro Supercharged Dermal Infusion Advanced Med Facial


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In the world of beauty the single most popular buzz word has always been “Exfoliation”. More recently, it’s become a dirty word, with treatments professing instant results through various means. Not all exfoliation is good for you. Slow, cautious, and continuous exfoliation, however, is under most circumstances a healthy method of increasing skin renewal. At Medico Beauty we only support lines that are gentle to the skin. Gentle doesn’t mean ineffective. In fact, gentle and intelligent products will work together with the skin's natural process, creating an incredible change without the irritation, damage and wounding so common in other skincare options.

A    B E A U T Y    V I S I O N 


MEDICO BEAUTY and FOREO are dedicated to fulfilling the skin’s innate potential for health and beauty. Informed by the very latest dermatological and cosmetic research, our solutions offer spectacular benefits – even more so when combined with the insight and expertise of a skilled professional.

In the hands of skincare experts and consumers alike, these products lay the essential foundation for skin that’s stunningly smooth, luminous and healthy-looking. Their sophisticated technology enhances any beauty treatment, with the flexibility to meet the unique requirements of every individual’s skin.

lunaprosetThe LUNA™ Professional Set was created as a high-performance system for use as part of professional skincare treatments. Offering tangible, lasting results, its advanced features will appeal to everyone who desires skin that looks younger and more beautiful; the LUNA™ Pro enables consumers to enjoy these benefits at home.

T H E    S K I N C A R E    P R O F E S S I O N A L ’  S     R O L E

To achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin, the role of the skincare expert is indispensable. Their techniques, perfected through long experience in their field, are based on knowledge and know-how possessed only by a qualified professional. And their understanding of the benefits of the full range of skincare devices, treatments and products allows them to offer invaluable advice on day-to-day skincare routines.


photo of pam on treatment bedLUNA SUPERCHARGED DERMAL INFUSION A Signature Advanced Med Facial is the latest biodynamic therapy from Medico Beauty. Using “chirally correct” ingredients along with stimulating therapies, the facial treatment is enhanced two-fold:

1 The Cleanse – a deep cleanse cocktail of L-Lactic Acid (AHA derived from yoghurt) and Salicylic Acid (BHA derived from pumpkin seeds) combined with the gentle silicone touch points of the Luna Pro. Increasing micro-circulation by 450%, the T-sonic pulsations help to lift dirt and grime from the pores, as well as gently exfoliate extraneous dead skin cells. This critical process prepares the skin both inside and out for the stimulating effects of the anti-aging mode.

2 The Anti-Ageing Treatment – Using a combination of firming peptides, shea butter, jojoba, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and fruit enzymes along with the Luna Pro’s anti-ageing mode, the 8000 pulsations per minute work seamlessly to infuse the cocktail into the skin, feeding nutrients into the dermal layer: increasing micro-circulation, influencing lymph drainage, and relaxing the muscles using high and low pulsations.


W H A T     A B R A S I V E     E X F O L I A T I O N    D O E S    T O     O U R    S K I N  

Compromises the skins protective barrier Increases the absorption of UV radiation and oxidation

L U N A    P R O   -   A N     E F F E C T I V E    M E A N S    O F    E X F O L I A T I O N

Gentle enough for all skin types, including rosacea and sensitive skin Safe to use on delicate skin around the eye area

T H E    H I G H L I G H T S  Increased oxygen and nutrient delivery Improved lymphatic flow and removal of inflammatory mediators Increased blood micro-circulation by 450% Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial silicone exterior (waterproof) Enhanced activity of fibroblast cells Aids in the repair and stimulation of firming collagen and elastin B E C O M E    A    C E R T I F I E D    L U N A    P R A C T I T I O N E R     &    S T O C K I  S T For more information on becoming a certified practitioner, contact Treatment Training Retail & Sales Training Training Manual How To Protocol Sheets LUNA PRO™CERTIFICATION luna pro sonic x8000

W H A T    I S    T H E     B U Z Z     A L L     A B O U T   ?  Just 2 minutes’ using the LUNA™ Professional, the skin looks naturally beautiful with a healthy-looking glow, while lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

S E C R E T    I N    T H E    D U A L    T - S O N I C    P U L S A T I O N S  Dual T-Sonic™ (transdermal sonic) pulsations are applied across the dermal surface to instantly refresh the look and feel of the skin. Comparable to enjoying a mini-facial in the comfort of home, these pulsations are channelled through soft silicone touch-points, removing dead skin cells, and cleansing pores of dirt, oil and makeup residue, while improving the absorption of your skincare products.

wpfo_lunapro_ngroupS M O O T H    S I L I C O N E    F O R     A    G E N T L E R     T O U C H  Nonabrasive, rounded silicone touch-points glide across the face for ultra-gentle cleansing that gives you healthier-looking skin within just 3 days. 100% waterproof and nonporous, the silicone offers a more hygienic solution than standard fibrous brushes, with a variety of designs to suit every skin type!

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