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Skin Diary: Katherine Minnis, Day 33, Week 4

May 20, 2013

Skin Diary: Katherine Minnis, Day 33, Week 4

[caption id="attachment_2144" align="aligncenter" width="384"]Ultra Finish Mineral Make Up Ultra Finish Mineral Make Up[/caption]

There are times in your life where you have one of those life-changing moments. Something happens which makes you literally stop and switch on like a giant, human-sized light-bulb. And from that point on, your life unequivocally and irrevocably changes for the better. Like when I discovered that photocopiers do double-sided to double-sided photocopies. Or that it’s quicker to walk from Covent Garden to Leicester Square rather than queuing for the lifts in the tube. Or that day, soon after my 16th birthday, when I realised that wine was actually quite delicious.

These moments of enlightenment are one of the joys of being human – a flash of blissful clarity in an otherwise uncertain, monotonous life.  These are moments worth savouring. Which is why Saturday 11th May 2013 is a date to remember. Because this is the day I discovered Ultra Finish Mineral Powder Foundation.

[caption id="attachment_2149" align="aligncenter" width="604"]Katherine Minnis Katherine Minnis[/caption]

This is the holy grail of foundation. The crème de la crème of cover-up. The very best of base.  Quite simply, I have never, ever in all my years of trying every powder, mousse, cream or stick found a foundation that lives up to this product. My search stops here. It’s over.

This mineral powder goes on like fairy dust, disappearing into your skin and concealing all blemishes like a marvelous, magic mist. Once applied, it’s impossible to tell you are wearing make up, even in the brightest of sunshine. And when finished with a spritz of Cosmedix Mystic Hydrating Spray, you get this dewy, radiant, supermodel glow that I never thought was possible – ever - without post-production. This is make-up at its most advanced. And the best part is, because it uses only natural, skin-friendly ingredients it won’t choke your skin like other foundations. You can top up throughout the day; you can wear it constantly. You don’t need to let your skin breathe because it already is. And it even has an inbuilt broad spectrum SPF 28.

[caption id="attachment_2146" align="aligncenter" width="576"]Ultra Finish Mineral Make Up Ultra Finish Mineral Make Up[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2155" align="alignright" width="166"]Cosmedix Mystic Hydrating Spray Cosmedix Mystic Hydrating Spray[/caption]

I can’t take the credit for finding out what must be the best-kept secret in beauty history. No, like a mystical dermatological oracle weaving a magic spell, it was Aysha Campion-Awwad who bestowed this upon me (a mere pilgrim) when I visited her for the first time for a proper consultation and bespoke facial at the London Wellness Centre.

I was a little apprehensive before going to see Aysha. I’ve suffered at the hands of many a facialist over the years, wincing more at the disparaging or downright nonsensical advice than the blackhead squeezing. The disappointment I feel when I look in the mirror afterwards hoping to see stars but instead seeing spots still haunts me, and it’s why I haven’t bothered with one in a very long time. But going to see Aysha was more like having tea with your fun friend who cheerfully slips you a G&T when you run out of milk. Chattering away in her soft Irish lilt, Aysha educated me about everything and anything to do with skin. Never preaching and always keeping things realistic, she not only highlighted the few basic changes I needed to make in my diet and routine but most importantly she gave me really, really good reasons to make them.  Furthermore, she gave me a damn good facial, using Cosmedix. 3 cleanses and an Pure Enzyme Mask later and my skin was clean as a whistle.

We also had a good old look at my skin under the special UV light to review the damage. I was dreading this: surely my life as a former tanorexic would catch up with me? But it wasn’t as bad as all that. Yes, there is some scarring, but by eating more good fats, using natural, non-irritant products and dramatically upping my Vitamin D, Aysha assured me these would fade over time. Mercifully, it seems I’ve escaped any really bad sun damage, and although my skin was slightly on the dry side, it wasn’t nearly as wrinkled as I feared.

[caption id="attachment_2148" align="alignleft" width="282"]Cosmedix Balance Greens Cosmedix Balance Greens[/caption]

One thing Aysha pointed out was that my digestion was causing me problems, as a lot of my bad skin occurs on my forehead. She recommended adding a special colon cleanse powder to my daily greens to help re-balance this. She also answered one a life-long question – why is my skin always amazing in the sun, but terrible the rest of the time? Because it’s the sun your body needs to make vitamin D. Most people in the UK are Vitamin-D deficient to some degree, and this can wreak havoc particularly on more sensitive skins.

But the thing I really took away from Aysha (except for that life-changing foundation of course!) was her philosophy towards life. Living cleanly both inside and out is not something you do purely to have supermodel skin – it’s a lifestyle choice that makes you psychologically stronger. Clearer. More able to cope with what life throws at you, more able to just shrug your shoulders and say, ‘never-mind, it’ll be ok’. That attitude really stuck with me, and it’s making choosing fish over steak, salad over pasta just that little bit easier. That, and the fact that my skin is the best it’s been in forever.

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