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Skin Diary: Katherine Minnis, Day 10, Week 2

May 03, 2013

Skin Diary: Katherine Minnis, Day 10, Week 2

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One of the more stressful things about organising a wedding abroad is the lack of certainty. Unless you want to go mad, you have to accept that somethings might not live up to their expectation. Seeing as I booked my wedding venue without actually seeing it, it would seem I’m ok with a little blind faith. Probably also why I blithely flit from moisturiser to toner, exfoliator to fake tan, without ever really reading the small print and stopping to think about what I’m really putting on my skin.

Hi, my name is Katherine and I’m addicted to beauty products.

It’s been 10 days since I’ve switched from my veritable smorgasbord of chemically laced potions to my Medico Beauty Cosmedix regime. I’m currently in the first stage of the treatment process where I switch onto the skin-healing part of the Cosmedix line.

beauty product I’m not going to lie: giving up my expensive serums hasn’t been the easiest thing. But going cold turkey was the only option (I’m too afraid of failing my lovely, but extremely firm skin advisor) and after years of slathering and scrubbing it still feels kind of novel. I now only cleanse (1 or 2 small pumps with water), spray (with my Cosmedix Benefit Balance Antioxidant spray) and in the morning apply the Hydrate Plus SPF. Or in the evening, a tiny bit of Phytoclear Clarifying Moisturiser. And that’s it. All those saved minutes each day. All that extra sleeping. I’m in and out of the bathroom in 3 minutes flat.

Of course, it’s not all such plain sailing. The Balance Greens I have to have on an empty stomach are, at this point, frankly revolting (apparently you get used to it). I tried cheating by mixing them with grapefruit juice to mask the taste but got a terse telling-off from my advisor: it must be mixed with water only. Oops. Still, I know that if they taste that bad, they must be good for me, right?

I also am yet to master the loo-paper-face-drying technique, which is at its most problematic in gym showers. Shiftily sneaking out of the cubicle, I now leave a trail of soggy clumps in my wake (and a lot of disgusted looks); whilst my boyfriend has rather taken to picking bits of dried loo-roll out of my hair at the most inappropriate times. Still, I’m on a budget, and the Scott Chiffon non-tear paper the team recommended was a low priority for me at this point.

  [caption id="attachment_2047" align="alignleft" width="395"]Balance Greens, CosMedix Balance Greens, CosMedix[/caption]

10 days in and I’m pretty impressed with the results. Often when I change products so dramatically I suffer from redness, spots or itchy skin but I’ve not had any issues. Benefit Clean is one of the most thorough cleansers I have ever used: no staining is left on my toilet paper wipe, even after a full face of make-up. And even though it’s used with water - which usually leaves my skin tight and uncomfortable with other products – my skin feels supple and calm.

At the start of my programme there was still a little lingering dryness, but no new spots. And even the dryness is fading now, as my skin weans itself off the previous chemical and synthetic ingredients. Most radically, my skin seems to be, well, kind of stronger. And ever so slightly clearer. Rather than feeling delicate and weak, it seems to have a new resilience.

avocadoOK, so my diet has been a bit better the past few weeks. But I’ve done detoxes and ‘healthy eating’ kicks in the past which have had no effect whatsoever on my skin. So I can only deduce that it must be the products (combined with the increased vitamins, avocados and almonds they advised me to consume) that are making a difference.

[caption id="attachment_2048" align="alignright" width="294"]Katherine Minnis Katherine Minnis[/caption]

As this is the first, ‘healing’ stage of my regime, the Medico Beauty team are aiming to re-balance my skin, to give it back its natural defences so that it will be able to protect itself. Perhaps us women could learn a lesson here from the boys – their laissez-faire attitude towards skincare is actually better than ours. How many men do you know that complain of dryness? Do many use moisturiser?! Probably not. I’ve realised that it’s actually all those creams which render our skin so sensitive. Healthy, functioning skin needs less, not more.

Still, it’s only been 10 days. There’s still plenty of time and plenty of opportunities for me to fall off the wagon and back into bad habits. Although by using unnatural, chemically enhanced products on my skin again I would be undoing all the good I’ve done thus far, and I’d apparently have to start again from scratch. So I’m really, really trying to avoid Boots on the commute home.

Now, I’m off to buy some more high-quality loo roll.

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