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Skin Diary: Katherine Minnis, Day 0, Week 1

April 25, 2013

Skin Diary: Katherine Minnis, Day 0, Week 1

[caption id="attachment_1840" align="aligncenter" width="368"]Katherine Minnis Katherine Minnis[/caption]


ringWhen my boyfriend proposed to me - with the aid of a borrowed bulldog tied to a tree – I laughed a lot and said yes. 7 months later and our wedding in July is fast approaching. Of course I like to think that I've managed to avoid becoming a total Bridezilla (my family may agree to differ, but luckily they don't get to write on this blog) but as the day gallops into sight I am growing more and more anxious about one thing in particular: the dreaded photos. And to make matters worse, it's not just one day of papping to face, it's two: the wedding in Ibiza and then a celebration back in the UK.

[caption id="attachment_1811" align="alignright" width="241"]Me: Hating having my photo taken Me: Hating having my photo taken[/caption]

I hate having my photo taken. I really hate it. In particular, it would feel amazing to not have to worry about how my skin looks. Much like me, my skin is fickle. One minute it's irritable, sensitive, itchy, flaky and drearily dull. The next, out of nowhere, I have a join-the-dots break-out that can take weeks to shift. In many ways I prefer the spots – foundation has a habit of sticking to dry bits like a Post-It screaming 'Problem Area'. But far and away the worst thing about my skin is that it scars easily. So a spot may only last a week, but its imprint can linger for months if not years. But on the flip side, I do usually have my few months grace when – inexplicably - my skin behaves itself. Even more baffling, what I do seems to have no bearing on when this might happen. So in a nutshell, there seems to me to be no real rhyme or reason to why my skin is worse on some days and better on others. I have relied on a good sun blast to tan toast the skin sins away.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="322"]Katherine Minnis Katherine Minnis[/caption]

Next, there’s the products. I LOVE beauty products. Of course I do, why else would I offer to write a beauty blog? I am joyously and unashamedly sucked in by advertising. Each time I see a new product launch, I eagerly await its arrival, lovingly applying,dabbing, wiping and smudging any manner of potions from exfoliator to mascara, moisturiser to toner. My boyfriend says I'd rather be in Boots than on the beach. And even if (as is usually the case) the result doesn't live up to the promise, I still enjoy the process of trial and error almost as much as finding something that actually makes a difference and that I will actually stay loyal to.

[caption id="attachment_1533" align="alignright" width="230"]Cosmedix Benefit Clean Cosmedix Benefit Clean[/caption]

But the products don't help my skin. In fact, they might make it worse. With the wedding looming in exactly 3 months, I decided it was about time to actually do something about my problem skin. I want to do my best to solve it, permanently. And I want it solved for the Big Day(s). This is where Team Medico Beauty come in, their challenge: 3 months. 2 weddings. 1 face. 101,000 photos.

The thing that attracts me to most to the Medico Beauty philosophy is the fact that everything is – genuinely – natural and refined. They say, "What we are aiming to do first is to make the function of your skin healthy again;"  the team really promise to fix, rather than simply mask, your skin problems. I like the fact that a few easy changes to your diet (even I can manage a few almonds) and a boost of vitamins from the inside, as well the outside, combine to make a very simple and easy to follow plan. Having had reactions to various beauty products in the past, and having finally admitted that my more is definitely, well, more, approach to products might not be working, I feel good about doing something pared down. Natural. Clean.

So I stand before those here present, to vow, to honour and obey my new skin commandments (within my budget). To dutifully follow them, in sickness and in health. And hangovers...I'll even drink my Balance Greens (Gulp).

Here's the "first stage", skin healing routine:





  •          Drink a little bit of warm water with lemon
  •          Then have a glass of  Balance Greens (Green Powder to be mixed with water)
  •          Have both on an empty stomach


  •          Cleanse face and neck with Benefit Clean (Hydrating Cleanser) (x1 pump)
  •          Always wash hands before cleansing
  •          Dry face with loo roll
  T H R E E
  •          Apply Benefit Balance (Hydrating Antioxidant Spray)
  •          x2 sprays


  •          Apply Hydrate Plus (Hydrating SPF17)
  •          Do not apply this when it is dark/at night
  •          After lunch take Eskimo Oil (Omega 3,6,9) and ISO D3 Supplement (Vitamin D)


  O N E
  •          Cleanse face and neck with Benefit Clean (Hydrating Cleanser) (x1 pump)
  •          Always wash hands before cleansing
  •          Note if wearing make up might need x2 or x3 pumps
  •          Dry face with loo roll
  T W O
  •          Apply Benefit Balance (Hydrating Antioxidant Spray)
  •          x2 sprays


    •          Apply Phytoclear (Clarifying Moisturiser)
    •          Apply products (apart from sunscreen) as sparingly as possible, don't overload the skin


  •          Commit to drinking a litre or two of water a day
  •          Eat raw almonds regularly, avocados and COLD olive oil drizzled on food/salads
  •          Eat lots more Green Veg and cut down on processed foods
  •          Never use a towel to dry face
  •          Don't disrupt skin routine with any other products or exfoliating body mitts
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