Therapist of the Week: Vikki Carr, Saks Hair & Beauty Dundee

Vikki Carr is a busy and very popular Skin Specialist at Medico Beauty Partner Centre, Saks Hair & Beauty in Dundee, Scotland. She specialises in treatments facials, medi facials and all round cosmetic procedures. She was recently was a finalist in the Saks Beauty Therapist Of The Year Awards!

Vikki Carr: Saks Dundee Vikki Carr: Saks Dundee[/caption]

Why use Cosmedix & Results Rx?

Most importantly, I continually receive positive feedback: I have a lot of clients telling me every single day how much their skin is improved. Many of the clients come back to see us at the centre time and time again, solely because of the success of the products. I love the range so much that I also personally use Cosmedix in my own daily skin routine. I love that it is highly prescriptive and can treat challenging issues. But, also, that anyone can use it: whatever their skin type, skin issue or ethnicity. The line can resolve problematic skin as well as those who want to simply maintain their healthy skin: it truly covers all bases.

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What's your favourite product in the range ?

The recently launched Serum 16 is a new product which I absolutely love; it's a no irritation brightening serum, all whilst also being light and hydrating on the skin. It contains an incredible dual retinol rapid renewal complex which will stimulate the skin cells, visibly reducing the appearance of sun damage, age spots and deep lines, including crow’s feet. Nothing else out there compares!


What's the best combination for general skin upkeep? 

I would suggest using Benefit Clean Cleanser and Benefit Balance Antioxidant Spray in the morning and Hydrate Plus SPF17 during the day. At night, I would then recommend building up to using a stimulating Vitamin A derivative product, with something like Defy, before eventually moving onto  Serum 16.

serum 16

What'st he best thing about Cosmedix in -salon treatments?

All of our Med Facial peels allow the customer to get a great skin result and treat themselves.  A professional can show you how to maximize the usefulness of products and really sort your skin out, which is a real passion of mine! I just love fixing peoples skin and giving them a great result to be proud!

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What are the types of skin issues that you encounter most?

Pigmentation is a big issue up here in Scotland because of our generally fair skin. Dryness is also a big issue. Apart from the harsh weather, there is a lack of education about how to properly look after your skin, and many people use low quality products containing chemicals and no SPF. When new customers come into the salon I always explain that putting on layers and layers of inadequate moisturiser products isn't going to help with their dryness and it is in fact hindering the skin's natural ability to regulate itself. Cosmedix is great for these issues because it contains none of the harsh chemicals and they aren'tclogging products. Many are really confused and people come in wanting something easy to use which is why I love how adaptable Cosmedix range is: for instance  the Benefit Clean and Purity Clean Cleansers doubles as a Mask (two things for the price of one!).

Why do people love Cosmedix? 

It's natural yet clinical, relaxing yet it really works...and the products smell great!

Do you have any great success stories using Cosmedix ? 

I have so many! I once had a doctor who still contacts me all the time just to say thank you for introducing her to the product. She had chronic acne and had tried so many medical approaches and nothing was working. She sent me such a great letter saying that the Cosmedix in-salon peels as well as the products she gets me to mail her have completely restored her skin and confidence!

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Do you have a step by step guide to a big event? 

I would go for a refreshing Custom Mask, which is one of our Today Treatments. It will refresh and revitalise, is suitable for any skin type and requires no advanced preparation. Many of our Cosmedix Serums, such as the antioxidant wonder Affirm, have a fantastic brightening effect on the face which is great under makeup. And definitely some spritzes of Mystic Spray when he or she is walking out the door to tighten/hydrate the skin and set any makeup!


Saks Hair & Beauty Dundee, 1-3 Meadowside  Town Centre, Dundee DD1 1LW

Tel: 01382 322309

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