Therapist of the Week: Hannah James, Saks Epsom


Therapist Hannah James works for Saks Hair & Beauty, Epsom. She recently won the prestigious National Saks award, Brilliant Beauty Therapist 2012 . See the piccie above with Hannah holding her award. Hannah has been using Cosmedix for the last 3 years, when it was first introduced to the centre.  Saks Epsom, David Lloyd Club  Horton Lane, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8PW, Tel: 01372 747064


facialWhat's your favourite things about Cosmedix? In my 10 years working as a therapist, I've had experience of lots of other brands who make empty promises on their packaging but can't deliver results. Using Cosmedix means I can provide the incredible results that my customers hope for and it makes my job so satisfying. With Cosmedix, we usually start to see excellent see results instantly, after a first peel treatment or a switch onto homecare. The results really speak for themselves and makes Cosmedix stand out from the rest; fundamentally, the line does what it says it will do. We at Saks Epsom also love using Results Rx, Cosmedix's prescription only sister brand. Medico Beauty hand picks which centres retail these incredible lines in the UK and it very much feels like an exclusive range. This brings clients from all around the area specially to us and I love the feeling of  prestige that Cosmedix & Results Rx bring.

Affirm30mlWhat are your favourite Cosmedix homecare products? My all time favourite is Affirm Serum: this refreshing skin quencher has been enriched with 11 powerful Antioxidants to reduce inflammation caused by the oxidative effect of Free Radicals.  Vitamin A derivative products bring a gorgeous bright glow and nice texture to the skin. I'm so excited to start using Serum 16, which is new to the range. In a six-week clinical study, this breakthrough super serum by CosMedix visibly reduced the appearance of sun damage, age spots and deep lines, including crow’s feet.

What are your favourite Cosmedix in-salon treatments? My favourite peels are Pomegranate and Benefit Peel. Benefit Peel will come to the aid of all skin types and all my clients just love it. For those with more sensitive skin, or Rosacea, Pomegranate is the best. I really see great results fast and they really last, leaving skin glowing. Both peels are great for clients who haven’t used Cosmedix before. Their compelling results mean that they are such a brilliant selling tool. All the Cosmedix in-house peels can be combined with other treatments in a fully integrated packages, helping our customers to reveal a new and improved look!


What's your favourite part of being a therapist?  Honestly, my favourite part of the job is using Cosmedix! Before I started using the line, I used to love having a varied day of doing different treatments, but now I just love doing the Cosmedix peel treatments and I could do them all day long! I feel that I can change/improve people’s lives. So many other skincare brands don’t do what they say but I feel proud to use Cosmedix and give the clients and their skin what they so badly need. With this incredible treatment line, I feel that I am not only a therapist but also an advanced Skin Health Practitioner; all the detailed training and education I have received from Medico Beauty has brought me onto next level of skin knowledge. I'm not in this for the sell-sell; my detailed knowledge and education has meant that I create a long lasting, life changing relationship with my customers.

saks epsomWhat your favourite thing about working for Saks? I just love working for Saks. In particular, I enjoy the huge opportunities they provide their therapists to explore new avenues and develop our expertise. I am constantly trained, with access to our huge network of education and contacts. Saks is a constantly evolving organisation, which uses the latest technology and companies of only the best quality; I love working with the best brands out there, in particular Cosmedix.

Tell us about a great Cosmedix success story? I've seen quite a few clients with Rosacea, which can be a debilitating issue for many. It is so satisfying to get to the root of the problem by using Cosmedix homecare and treatments. I've also been seeing a client over the last year who had a bad case of premature ageing. It was brilliant to help her enjoy such an amazing transformation, all without the need for injections or surgery. Using Cosmedix we were able to massively rejuvenate her skin and hugely reduce her frown lines and depth of her wrinkles. Here's an example of what another satisfied client said recently: "I've struggled with breakouts since my teens, since using Cosmedix I feel in control of my skin for the first time."

What do you do to stay healthy and happy? I love doing lots of exercise. I do a lot of hot yoga,  which is my main hobby. And I've recently completed a Ibiza charity cycle with my colleagues from Saks Epsom in aid of Great Ormond Street.

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